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Tag: sovereignty

Coach, Givenchy in hot water over China T-shirt row

Foreign brands are under increasing pressure from Chinese consumers and regulators to fall into line on contentious issues around Chinese sovereignty.

Taiwan president wins ruling party’s nomination for 2020 election

The self-ruled island is set to hold its presidential election in January, amid heightened tension with China.

Israel says Trump to recognise Golan as its territory Monday

Trump said that the US should acknowledge Israeli sovereignty over the strategic plateau it seized from Syria in the 1967 Six-Day War.

Cease intrusions into our waters, Singapore tells Putrajaya

Singapore Foreign Minister phones his Malaysian counterpart Saifuddin Abdullah to discuss complaints about intrusions into each other’s territories.

JB port limits: Singapore seeks amicable solution

It expresses concern that the extension of the Johor Bahru port limits has encroached into Singapore Territorial Waters off Tuas.

Pence says South China Sea doesn’t belong to any one nation

The United States has conducted a series of freedom of navigation exercises in the contested South China Sea, angering China, which says the patrols threaten its sovereignty.

China tells UN rights chief to respect its sovereignty after Xinjiang...

Bachelet's appeal for access came as Human Rights Watch said the Turkic Uighur minority faced arbitrary detentions, daily curbs on religious practice and forced political indoctrination in a mass security crackdown.

What’s your stand on Pedra Branca, ex-MB asks Johor govt

Mohamed Khaled Nordin says Pedra Branca belongs to Malaysia and the ICJ challenge should continue.

Vietnam says Chinese bombers in disputed South China Sea increase tensions

Foreign ministry spokeswoman Lê Thị Thu Hằng said that China's South China Sea activities would increase tensions and cause regional instabilities.

BN will never compromise Malaysia’s sovereignty, says Najib

The prime minister says BN will implement all of the promises and initiatives in its election manifesto if returned to power in GE14.

Anifah: Manila does not stand by recent Sabah claim

Foreign Minister Anifah Aman says his counterpart informed him that the Philippines does not support view expressed by member of its govt consultative committee on status of Sabah.

The shocking ‘kepala bapak kau’ remark

Najib Razak shouldn't resort to crudity to detract from the locals' main concerns that Malaysia has compromised on its sovereignty in regard to China.

‘Kepala bapak kau’, Najib tells critics on ‘selling sovereignty’ claims

The prime minister denies allegations that the government is betraying the country by allowing development projects to come under Chinese companies.

Of sovereignty, Alibaba and durian diplomacy

China’s ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative provides enormous opportunities for Malaysia to achieve status of developed nation.

China’s port project in Malacca under scrutiny

Former PM Mahathir Mohamad says the RM43 billion project is unnecessary as the country has enough ports and infrastructure.

Pedra Branca: South African jurist is Malaysia’s judge ad hoc

Malaysian Attorney-General says John Dugard's reappointment has been conveyed to the international tribunal in The Hague, the Netherlands.

‘Opposition afraid government can solve North Korea issue’

It frightens the opposition as it will give an advantage to Prime Minister Najib Razak, says Umno information chief Annuar Musa.

How is China different from Europe, Najib asks

PM slams critics who willingly accept the "white men's" investments, but say those from China will result in government selling its sovereignty.

Najib willing to take on ‘The Punisher’ over Sabah

The sovereignty and security of Sabah will always be defended, vows PM.

M’sians who leak info to foreign powers should be punished

Umno Supreme Council member Mahdzir Khalid says these culprits are putting the country at risk of destruction.