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Merkel’s coalition partner demands answers over German data breach

The government said that personal data and documents from hundreds of German politicians and public figures, including Merkel had been published online.

Support for German SPD drops to half that of Merkel’s bloc

The Social Democrats only have the support of 17% of the German electorate.

Czech ruling party says near coalition deal to end limbo

The Czech Republic has been in the midst of a political deadlock for half a year, but this may soon end.

Czech PM Babiš says government with Communists, far right a last...

Forming a government with the Communists and SPD party would give Prime Minister Andrej Babiš's ANO party a parliamentary majority.

We must avoid new Cold War, says German govt’s Russia expert

Despite Berlin's firm position with Moscow, channels of communication will remain open.

German coalition deal no ‘blank cheque’ for Europe, conservative tells SPD

Ralph Brinkhaus said conservatives would insist on averting new government debt and planned to examine any European spending plans very carefully.

Weakened Merkel has work cut out to make coalition last

All three parties in German Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition have recently been losing ground to the far-right Alternative for Germany.

Germany awaits coalition blessing from SPD’s 464,000 members

Chancellor Angela Merkel's best hope of securing a fourth term lies with the SPD.

Majority SPD members seen backing re-run of German coalition

Thomas Oppermann, vice president of the Bundestag lower house of parliament, told Die Welt newspaper that he expected a "clear approval" rate of 55% in an SPD postal ballot that ended on Friday, with results to be unveiled on Sunday.

Merkel ally promises Germany will stick to Schaueble’s course

Schaeuble stepped down as finance minister after the election to become president of the Bundestag.

Youth wing demands change in Merkel’s CDU after coalition concessions

After German Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU made many concessions to the SPD, the Young Union has demanded that the CDU find a successor to Merkel.

German coalition talks to continue on Monday and focus on health...

The CDU and SPD's proposed coalition may be splintered by disagreements over healthcare and labour issues.

Czech PM Babiš says will continue talks on new government

Andrej Babiš will continue talks with the CSSD, Communists, and SPD to attempt to form the new government of the Czech Republic.

Merkel readies for intense German coalition talks after tight SPD vote

After the Social Democrats voted to pursue coalition talks, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is now a step closer to forming her desired coalition.

German parties at odds over coalition talks

A coalition between the SPD and CDU has been jeopardized by disagreements over a myriad of issues.

Merkel’s CDU agrees to pursue grand coalition in Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's party, the Christian Democratic Union, has agreed to attempt to broker a coalition with the Social Democratic Party.