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‘Deep state’ hindering whereabouts of Indira’s Gandhi’s daughter?

Will Prasana Diksa only be returned to her mother when she turns 18?

I won’t tolerate any police intimidation, says IGP on allegations by...

Abdul Hamid Bador says police respect freedom of speech and the freedom to assemble.

Ex-high court judge to lead task force on Pastor Koh, Amri

It comes more than two months after Suhakam named Special Branch responsible for their disappearance.

Members of task force on Suhakam’s Special Branch claim to be...

Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin hopes to appoint them in a day or two, to look into the findings that Bukit Aman’s Special Branch was behind the disappearance of Raymond Koh and Amri Che Mat.

Putrajaya names new Special Branch chief

Mohamed Farid Abu Hassan's appointment takes effect on June 17.

Shafie now says no policy to bar Special Branch

Chief Minister says such a decision to bar SB from press conferences is incorrect and did not come from him or the state government.

I’ll get them to carry placards, top cop jokes in tiff...

IGP Abdul Hamid Bador says the police will continue to carry out their duties.

SB not a problem if they identify themselves, says Warisan

Warisan vice-president Junz Wong says everyone, including the Special Branch, is welcome to attend government and Warisan events.

Special Branch must be first to face IPCMC, says activist

Probe by IPCMC would show that "it takes seriously the public expectation that honour will be restored to the Special Branch".

Has trust between Shafie and police broken down, asks Yong after...

The Sabah Progressive Party president defends the IGP on the presence of Special Branch officers at government functions, including press conferences.

Why so afraid, top cop asks on move to bar SB...

Abdul Hamid Bador says Special Branch personnel would only be there to ensure public peace and security.

Like it or not, we’ll be there, police tell Warisan after...

IGP says Special Branch officers are meant to ensure there is no trouble.

Special Branch barred from Warisan media events

Vice-president Junz Wong says SB officers can request to attend, identify themselves, but must not pretend to be reporters.

Cops can’t investigate themselves, CAGED says over Amri’s disappearance

The civil society group says the top cop's response on an officer who refused to testify at Suhakam's inquiry has eroded public confidence in the police.

Amri’s wife says IGP’s statement a conflict of interest

Norhayati Mohd Ariffin reminds top cop he was Special Branch chief when her husband disappeared.

IGP: Warrant of arrest for missing witness in Amri’s disappearance if...

Mohamad Fuzi Harun says police are awaiting instructions from the deputy public prosecutor.

IGP: Police will obey calls to probe disappearances

However, the inspector-general of police says Suhakam should not have made its findings public.

Pressure builds on Putrajaya to act on Suhakam findings

The International Federation for Human Rights says Putrajaya should 'make a clean break with the previous administration'.

PM, AG urged to seek immediate release of activist Amri and...

Suaram also wants action against all those in the home ministry and the police force who had a hand in the disappearance of Amri Che Mat and Raymond Koh.

Hanif: My claim DAP suggested dividing peninsula based on SB report

The former IGP says the information was passed to him during his stint with the National Operations Council in 1969.

Fear of colleagues drove me to lodge report against Amri’s wife,...

The Special Branch officer says Norhayati Ariffin told him of her mistrust of the police.

Ex-Special Branch man grilled over claim that Shia Muslims ‘dangerous’

Awaluddin Jadid says police view with concern the followers of Shia Islam in Malaysia due to a fatwa labelling it 'deviant'.

Ex-SB man: I have nothing to do with Amri’s disappearance

However, former DCP Awaluddin Jadid tells Suhakam inquiry that the Special Branch kept an eye on Amri’s Shia activities.

SB man unsure if Fuzi was told about Amri’s Shia probe

Razman Ramli says SB officers investigating any case are required to keep their heads informed.