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Teams from Europe’s Big Five leagues spend over US$6 bil in...

Spending by teams in Europe's Big Five leagues reached record levels in this summer's transfer window.

Should your child have a credit card?

You can give your children a credit card as long as you stipulate the limits and exercise strict supervision at all times.

Gloomy outlook at Real Madrid despite big spending spree

Real Madrid spent big in the transfer window but failed to secure Paul Pogba or move Gareth Bale on.

Americans now spend more at Internet stores than restaurants

Given the pace of growth, nonstore spending will likely pass food and beverage spending soon and move to the second largest retail category.

How to overcome credit card addiction

Find out the symptoms of credit card addiction, and what steps you can take from a financial perspective to rehabilitate yourself.

6 things you should know about the new Apple Card

Apple’s latest offering is meant to appeal to a wide array of audiences, especially those who already own an iPhone.

6 ways to break the cycle of living from paycheck to...

There are simple changes you can make to your spending habits to take the anxiety out of dreading the month-end when your bank account is dry.

‘Tis the season for… better financial planning

It's never too late to crack the whip on your spending, especially during the holiday season when things can get out of hand.

Aussie economy stalls as consumers spend less

Australians spent less on big ticket items like cars and clothing, while spending on essentials like food increased very slightly.

Living the ‘good life’ is not about spending more money

How many of us are like Chow Yun Fat, who lives on approximately RM424 per month in Hong Kong despite being an actor worth billions?

MP asks if govt can raise enough money to make Budget...

Subang MP Wong Chen expresses concern over “expansionary” budget but says it could be that the government is thinking out of the box.

Osborne: UK Conservatives should not try to outspend Labour

The government announced an end to Britain's long spending squeeze with tax cuts for households and the easing of some welfare curbs for poorer working families this week.

5 reasons why being frugal sucks

Unable to 'keep up with the Joneses', those who are frugal are stuck with old stuff, stay home a lot, and do all the housework themselves instead of employing a pastime maid.

Healthcare industry spending to reach RM80 bil by 2020

Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad says Malaysia fulfils 80% of the world’s demand for catheters and 60% for rubber gloves.

‘No austerity drive, Malaysia just spending wisely’

The finance minister denies that Putrajaya is on an austerity drive and will prioritise its spending in areas that lead to long-term sustainable growth.

7 money issues affecting marital bliss

Ongoing financial problems can lead to needless tension, stress, arguments and ultimately divorce, so get a handle on it.

European leagues break new spending records in transfer window

Europe's five most prominent leagues spent a record US$4.21 billion in the summer transfer window.

Putin wants big business to spend US$120 billion to revive economy

The government says annual investment needs to rise by 19 trillion rubles from current levels by 2024 to meet Putin’s target for raising its share in GDP, according to Economy Minister Maxim Oreshkin.

Economist: Recession on the cards if US-China trade war continues

Hoo Ke Ping tells the government to stop blaming the previous administration and to take measures to stop the economic slowdown.

Jokowi plans record spending in Indonesia’s election year

Jokowi’s ambitious fiscal targets could boost investors’ sentiment amid an emerging-market rout that’s hit Indonesia hard this year.

Bonuses push up pay for Japanese workers yet spending falls

Driven by the tightest labour market in decades, wages in Japan have grown steadily since mid-2017, and even real wages are starting to pick up.

Ajax spending spree signals new intent

In their bid to regain their position as an elite football club, Ajax have broken their club spending record during this transfer window.

Putin’s $11 billion World Cup may bring Russia little cheer

Hosting the tournament successfully “will contribute on the margins to easing Russia’s isolation from Europe,” said Vladimir Frolov, a former Russian diplomat who’s now a foreign policy analyst in Moscow.

Survey: Malaysians expect prices to drop post-GST

More than half the respondents believe prices will drop, while 69% say their spending habits will likely change.