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Rafizi: My fight is to ensure Anwar becomes prime minister

Rafizi Ramli says PKR is divided between his supporters and those backing Azmin Ali and the contest for the post of deputy president is to settle this disunity.

Azmin denies split in PKR

The PKR deputy president calls on everyone concerned to dismiss the reports, which he attributes to Umno's agenda to undermine Pakatan Harapan.

Red Bull F1 team to use Honda engines from next season

Red Bull's decision to switch to the Japanese manufacturer means their two teams now have exclusive use of Honda engines but could complicate efforts to retain Australian Daniel Ricciardo.

Report: 95% Chinese but less than 30% Malays voted for PH

Straits Times daily says the roughly equal split in Malay votes among PH, PAS and BN will have major implications in future elections.

PKR MP: PH should allow for differing opinions

Wangsa Maju MP Tan Yee Kew, in defending Rafizi, says the new government should be different from that of BN, adding that there is no rift in PH.

Sessions: Parents, children entering US illegally will be split

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned during a visit to the border with Mexico on Monday that people who enter the United States unlawfully with children will have them taken away.

Temerloh PPBM chief, 200 members bid party goodbye

Division chief says the decision was made after seeing PH leaders manipulate GE14 as a platform to vent their anger on BN leadership of Najib Razak, instead of fighting for welfare of people.

Poser over Surendran fuels more talk of PKR split

The PKR vice-president, seen as an ally of Mohamed Azmin Ali, has been told he won't be nominated for re-election in Padang Serai.

Analyst: 2 factors have altered Malaysian politics

Researcher at Singapore’s Iseas-Yusof Ishak Institute says the GST and the increase in the number of Malay parties will have an impact on GE14.

Umno is not sponsoring us, PRM tells critics

Party secretary-general Koh Swee Yong says all its candidates have to fork out their own money.

Analysts: No guarantee redelineation will give BN victory

Researchers from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University say although the redelineation will help BN win marginal seats held by the opposition, there are other factors at work too.

GE14: A divided Mersing Umno spells danger for BN

PKR claims Umno members in Mersing are willing to vote for the opposition if a candidate from the 'other side' is chosen, but Umno says members will show unity when the time comes.

China’s aircraft carrier sails by Taiwan as tensions rise

The Liaoning and accompanying vessels entered Taiwan's air defence zone on Tuesday and left around noon Wednesday.

Why does Amanah get blamed for splitting Malay unity, asks Mat...

He says PKR and PPBM are also contesting against PAS and Umno.

Hadi claims Amanah causing rift among Muslims

PAS president says the splinter party is unduly targeting PAS-held seats in GE14 but is confident it will not succeed in dislodging PAS.

DAP accuses PSM of acting as spoilers in Perak

The announcement to field candidates in seats currently held by the DAP only goes to show that PSM wants to split the votes in three-cornered fights, Perak DAP chief Nga Kor Ming says.

GE14: Mahathir accuses PAS of making it easy for BN

The Pakatan Harapan chairman says PAS has laid down conditions that will split and reduce the opposition’s votes.

Wan Azizah: PKR’s political bureau wants to further strengthen PH

It is drawing up strategies to defeat BN-Umno.

Don’t hope for split in opposition to win in GE14, says...

He says if the opposition wants to break up, let it be as it’s their own business.

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich splits from wife

The Chelsea soccer team owner has two children with Daria Zhukova after 10 years together.

Split proves Shyamalan’s still got the magic to spook

M Night Shyamalan's latest thriller will give you the heebie-jeebies of a psychological kind.

3-minute preview: M Night Shyamalan horror ‘Split’

'Split' prepares to wreak a terrifying -- and controversial -- multiple personality tale upon cinema audiences from the week January 20 onwards.

Majority of Indians still support PKR, DAP

Indian leaders in two leading opposition parties vouch for voter sentiment citing MIC leadership crisis and Putrajaya's "ad-hoc gift" in budget allocations.

Rafizi happy at obvious ‘split’ in PAS

PKR sec-gen claims PAS is in a bad situation after Mustafa Ali and Mahfuz Omar attend Citizens’ Declaration ceremony although party earlier declared it will not participate.