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Tag: spoiled votes

Why your protest vote should go to PH

There will never be a time when we have perfect leaders, but every vote not for PH is a vote for the status quo.

Be forward thinking, youth group tells #UndiRosak supporters

#ForwardTogether urges #UndiRosak supporters to work together to help youths take ownership of their future by making their votes count.

First plastic bags, then quinoa – who’s immature now?

#UndiRosak supporters have been labelled immature and even brain-damaged, but what about political leaders who quibble over rice vs quinoa and the supply of free plastic bags?

#ForwardTogether barking up the wrong tree, says #UndiRosak

Activist Maryam Lee says #ForwardTogether should focus on those who are unaware of the political situation, not #UndiRosak supporters.

The Fake Third Force

Writer says a vote for the so-called “third force”, abstaining from voting or spoiling your vote will see the return of the BN with a super majority and the permanent elimination of a possible two-party system.