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Tag: spoilt votes

A spoiled vote is a protest, not a vote for Pakatan

It is also a vote against both sides for having ridiculously sacrificed their principles for votes.

Step aside #UndiRosak: New group seeks to end political lethargy

Danni Rais, who together with a group of like-minded young Malaysians, is seeking to engage millions of youths to actively chart the future ahead of the next polls.

PH must address #UndiRosak detractors

Political parties must choose their candidates carefully or risk losing the trust of voters.

#UndiRosak: In the end, it’s still BN or PH

Even if people spoil their votes or refrain from voting, one of the two coalitions will still win in GE14.

Take #UndiRosak supporters seriously, analyst tells PH

UUM's Kamarul Zaman Yusoff says otherwise, the opposition coalition runs the risk of losing dissatisfied voters.

#UndiRosak: Stubborn? Selfish? Welcome to politics

#UndiRosak supporters will not vote for the government, but neither will they vote for PH just because it is 'the lesser of two evils'.

#UndiRosak is the least of your problems

Writer says Pakatan Harapan must realise that people are not going to vote for them just because they are angry at someone else.

Reform electoral system to eliminate need for spoilt votes

Political parties and #UndiRosak proponents should focus on electoral system and process instead of getting into verbal spats.

#UndiRosak: The movement which doesn’t care

Contrary to the campaign's claims, Malaysians care deeply about the country's future and are not prepared to spoil their votes and allow others to further plunder the nation.

#UndiRosak: We don’t want Mahathir as PM again, says activist

Social activist Maryam Lee tells forum that campaign is to ask unhappy voters to teach Pakatan Harapan a lesson for choosing Dr Mahathir Mohamad as PM.

What #UndiRosak really shows: immaturity and self-centredness

Young people are supposed to be the agents of change, but the #UndiRosak campaign shows that some are thinking only of themselves.

Mahathir has apologised, let’s rebuild Malaysia now

While the former PM's apology is not enough for some, choosing to deliberately spoil their votes in GE14 is akin to cutting off their noses, to spite their faces.

‘Spoilt votes in S’wak a sign of protest against DAP, PKR’

The voters wanted to teach the two Opposition parties a lesson, says analyst.