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Sponsors would have walked out if Folau stayed, says Rugby Australia

Cameron Clyne says if Israel Folau had not been fired, sponsors would have deserted the sport.

Embattled Ronaldo prepares to play for Juventus

The Portuguese superstar has travelled with the Italian champions to play at Udine.

Teong Kim won’t be sacked, football programme continues

Syed Saddiq says Teong Kim is still a legitimate director of the National Football Academy.

At Russia’s first World Cup, China Inc.’s all over the pitch

Some of China’s biggest brands, including Dalian Wanda, television and appliances maker HiSense, and smartphone manufacturer Vivo signed on with FIFA as sponsors for the event.

Corporations end ties with NRA as gun control debate rages

Gun control activists also stepping up pressure on Amazon.com and other online streaming platforms to drop the online video channel NRATV.

No Samsung phones, Nike uniforms for N. Koreans? Sanctions cloud Olympic...

Due to international sanctions, North Korean athletes at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics might not be entitled to the same benefits that their counterparts from other countries will enjoy.