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Tag: Sri Lankan civil war

Pusat Komas: Lena Hendry verdict sets dangerous precedent

Human rights group says fine imposed on Lena for screening documentary on war atrocities means it is now unlawful for people to screen videos without getting Film Censorship Board approval.

Lena Hendry fined RM10,000 for airing documentary

Human rights activist found guilty last month of screening documentary on Sri Lankan civil war, No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka.

CIJ slams conviction of activist for screening documentary

The Centre for Independent Journalism says conviction of Lena Hendry demonstrates the targeting of civil society for promoting discussions on human rights.

Chief monk Saranan: I’m perfectly fine

Assaulted at anti-Rajapaksa protest yesterday, Sri Saranan says a simple misunderstanding between the protestors sparked the ruckus outside the temple in Sentul.