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Decision on Najib’s bid to challenge Sri Ram’s appointment on Wednesday

High Court judge Azizah Nawawi set the date in her chambers after hearing submissions from the parties involved.

Deliver apex court judgments speedily, urge ex-judge, Bar

Former Federal Court judge Gopal Sri Ram is also suggesting that the law be amended to allow litigants the option to have a rehearing or accept decisions from a reduced panel of judges.

Sulaiman and Sri Ram appointments in Najib case not state secret,...

Manjeet Singh Dhillon says lawyer Shafee Abdullah is entitled to ask for the licence.

Ex-judge questions ruling that government can sue individuals

Gopal Sri Ram says the Federal Court's ruling today denies an individual his right to criticise the government without restriction.

Sri Ram: Judges need to drop civil service mentality

Former Federal Court judge says some judges who were Senior Federal Counsel before elevation believe it is their duty to insulate the government from being held accountable.

Ex-judge hails CJ’s proposal for Bornean judges in appeal cases

Gopal Sri Ram says this is a correct decision after a Federal Court bench last year refused to have judges with 'Bornean experience' hear an appeal by a Sarawak timber company.

Ex-judge on how CJ can inspire public confidence in judiciary

Gopal Sri Ram says the incoming chief justice must ensure a strong apex court and Court of Appeal bench by nominating judges who have demonstrated judicial independence.

Who becomes MB is up to assemblymen, says ex-judge

Their choice will be in line with the state constitution, says Gopal Sri Ram.

Ex-judges: PM need not follow JAC’s proposal on judges

They say Mahathir need only comply with Article 122B (1) of the Federal Constitution.

Ex-judge: Raus, Zulkefli should go now, not July 31

Gopal Sri Ram says delayed departure will only lessen chances for others to serve as chief justice.

Ramkarpal: Wrong is wrong, even if Mahathir defends Daim

The Bukit Gelugor MP says it is a basic hallmark of any democracy that the executive does not interfere in the affairs of the judiciary.

Eminent persons in JAC must resign too, say legal experts

Retired judge Gopal Sri Ram says the four should resign as they owe their appointments to Najib Razak who is no longer the prime minister.

AG Apandi must quit if he loses confidence of govt, says...

Gopal Sri Ram says the right to terminate Apandi Ali’s service is unaffected by his contract which offers him no protection at all.

Treated badly? Najib didn’t behave well after GE14, says ex-judge

Gopal Sri Ram says the former PM was not even at the Istana Negara to facilitate the swearing in of Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Ex-judge: PM not public officer is a regressive ruling

We must now await a future Malaysian court to make the correction, says Gopal Sri Ram.

Sustain supremacy of constitution, urge legal eagles

Judiciary, as guardian of constitution, must strike down any new law that breaches the basic doctrine in supreme law, says Gopal Sri Ram.

Ex-judge calls Indira judgment ‘brilliant’

Gopal Sri Ram also praises Court of Appeal president Zulkefli Ahmad Makinuddin for timely reminder that judges must not be swayed by their religious beliefs.

Ex-judge: Dissent is feedback from citizens to govt

Constructive criticism is part of democracy, says Sri Ram in support of former top judge Mohamed Dzaiddin Abdullah's call to Putrajaya to refrian from using dubious laws to stifle free speech.

Ezam files fresh evidence in support of his 1MDB suit

The additional affidavit are records of proceedings in a Singapore criminal trial which apparently show it is businessman Low Taek Jho who was giving directives in 1MDB.

Ex-judge: Najib should have asked MPs’ support to end unilateral conversion

In the Malaysian constitution, there is no division of MPs along party lines and elected representatives will support amendments that benefit the public, says Gopal Sri Ram.

Ministers, department heads must respect court rulings, reminds ex-judge

They must seek expert legal advice before making controversial statements or face contempt of court charges.

Ex-AG: Not true that I ran to PM after losing cases

Abu Talib Othman says his legal advice to the government to introduce laws was in the interests of the nation and people.

Sri Ram dismisses claim ex-CJ supported judges to remain in posts

However, the retired Federal Court judge questions who proposed Raus Sharif to remain as CJ after his mandatory retirement.

EAIC can probe misconduct claims in custodial death, says retired judge

Lawyer M Visvanathan, however, says an inquest must be held first and the EAIC can complement the coroner's role.