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SUPP’s Sim sees fighting chance in Stampin

Dr Sim Kui Hian says he entered the Stampin race as an underdog but has received a favourable response from the people.

SUPP chief Sim to face DAP’s Chong in Stampin

Sarawak BN will also field the highly popular Sebastian Ting in Miri and former chief minister Taib Mahmud's daughter in Mukah.

Chong to leave ‘safe’ Bandar Kuching for ‘grey’ Stampin

Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen is a three-term MP for Bandar Kuching but will let newcomer Kelvin Yii stand in his place.

STAR to stay out of battle for Stampin

STAR president Lina Soo says this is to ensure a one-on-one fight between BN and DAP, in the hope that not splitting the votes will result in a win for the opposition.

SUPP’S Dr Sim should do a ‘Lee San Choon’

Political observers say Dr Sim Kui Hian should do what the former MCA leader did and take the fight to DAP in its Bandar Kuching stronghold.

Abang Johari: BN win needed to recover Sarawak’s MA63 rights

Chief minister says heads of BN components in Sarawak are Sarawakians, unlike the opposition parties.

DAP has edge over SUPP in Stampin

A lot depends on how PKR and DAP grassroots are able to work together to defend the Chinese-majority seat.

PKR’s Manivannan quits as ‘secretary to the whip’ after bloc vote...

MP says he is stepping down after failing to sign Stampin MP Julian Tan's vote during the crucial Nov 20 division vote that BN narrowly won.

Aviation commission’s political ties a clear conflict of interest

Stampin MP Julian Tan says the commission should be protecting aviation industry instead of being a political tool.

Sarawak PKR, DAP to discuss seat-swap for GE14

Based on winning-seats swap strategy, speculation is rife that PKR will give up Miri for DAP's Stampin.