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Leiking: Malaysia’s stand on trade pact to be made clear soon

The minister says the country has not opted out of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership but needs time to ensure it benefits the nation.

Aussie envoy: Death penalty makes it hard to help Malaysia

He warns that Malaysia risks becoming isolated within the community of law enforcement if it does not do away with capital punishment.

Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin to contest top Umno post

He says his 42 years' of experience as an Umno member will enable him to help revive the glory days of the party.

PSM: We cautioned against a 3-cornered fight in Semenyih

It says PKR leaders brushed off PSM because they considered the party 'too small' and they lost to BN.

3 opposition MPs in limbo over GE14 pending appeals

Khalid Samad, Rafizi Ramli and Tian Chua may have to give the next general election a miss if their fines and jail terms are not reduced on appeal.

PAS Youth to PKR: Decide on your ally

Kelantan PAS Youth chief says some in PKR still love PAS, but the love cannot work as long as PKR sits with DAP.