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Tag: starvation

Court maintains 20-year jail term for couple who caused maid’s death

A five-member Federal Court bench says no error was committed by the earlier panel which amended the charge from murder to causing death.

Pope condemns Yemen war ahead of historic Gulf visit

The pope says in his regular Sunday address in Vatican City that he is following the urgent humanitarian crisis in Yemen with great concern.

Up to 85,000 children ‘dead of starvation or disease in Yemen’

Save the Children said that it had been forced to bring supplies for the north of the country through the southern port of Aden, significantly slowing aid deliveries.

Sabah’s wildlife park needs more funding, says minister

State tourism, culture and environment minister Christina Liew is satisfied with the condition of the animals at the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park but says the facilities can be improved.

Old couple spared the gallows for death of starving maid

Wiring consultant and wife with breast cancer to serve 20 years' jail each on reduced charge as prosecution failed to prove murder.

Florence freeloader and the art of the free lunch

Italy’s highest court ruled last year that stealing small amounts of food to stave off hunger is not a crime, overturning conviction and prison sentence of homeless man.

Maid’s death: Couple want to provide more evidence

The couple say a report by a professor at UMMC is vital to determine if the maid died of starvation or other causes.

Murder charge on family of starving 18kg woman

Father, stepmother and their two children, aged 21 and 14, accused of killing 22-year-old woman.