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Analysts see PH gearing up for Sarawak polls

They note recent aggressive attacks on the state administration.

Landslide state election loss rattles Australia’s minority government

The poll is seen as a barometer of voter sentiment towards the nation's conservative Liberal and National government.

PAS to discuss appointment of speaker, avoid state election

The party says it is agreeable to collaborations if it will benefit the people.

No pressing need to hold snap state election, says Mukhriz

The Kedah menteri besar believes the issue surrounding the appointment of the state assembly speaker will be resolved.

Is PBB still relevant in Sarawak?

For Sarawakians, the logic is simple: if a party that has been ruling the state for so long cannot deliver, why shouldn't they opt for change?

Chin Tong: State polls best way to resolve Perlis MB dispute

The DAP strategist says a solution must be found as it has been almost a month since the general election.

Repeal 13 new state seats, Shafie tells Sabah govt

Warisan president fears BN would ask for a re-election over the new seats if opposition wins state in GE14.

Rafizi accuses PKR leaders of feeding negative news to media

The vice-president claims two or three PKR political bureau members are relaying wrong information to suit their own interests.

PBS ready to win back 6 seats lost to opposition

President Maximus Ongkili says it is well prepared in case the Sabah state election is called early.

Snap polls only with Pakatan’s blessings, says LGE

DAP Secretary-General and Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng says although Pakatan parties had acted unilaterally before, it would rather fall back on a consensus approach before deciding on major matters.

‘Early polls will be to garner sympathy votes’

Why must CM drag the people into his graft case when the judiciary is fair and will give him a chance to prove he is not guilty, asks Penang Umno Liaison Committee Chief Zainal Abidin Osman.

Hisham: Don’t count on Opposition’s weaknesses to win

He says BN election machinery must continue working hard to reach out to voters.

Jabu not contesting in Sarawak election

Sarawak CM also wants Douglas Uggah not to "waste time" in KL and to return to contest in state seat.

Mohd Hashim: The EC is about elections, not politics

Recently appointed EC chairman says there is nothing "not fair" about the present electoral process.

S’wak election: Tensions high between DAP and PKR

Sarawak DAP chairman lashes out at PKR for announcing their candidates for contentious seats although negotiations are ongoing.

Archived: Nationwide prayer rallies for Sarawak begin

Christians across Malaysia are praying for the freedom to practise their faith as the Sarawak state election kicks off.

PKR-DAP front crumbles in Sarawak

Sarawak DAP is toying with the idea of contesting on its own in the upcoming state election after talks over seat allocations with PKR broke down.

Al-Kitab a weighty issue in Sarawak

But how heavy Al-Kitab will weigh on the Christian minds may be reflected on their ballot papers.

‘Sarawak BN to rely on own strengths’

Sarawak BN will not exploit the opposition front's weaknesses in the April 16 state election, according to Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.

BN to face election with confidence

Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud is optimistic that BN can win through the support of the people.

‘Do like Egyptians if S’wak polls rigged’

Election watchdog Bersih 2.0 wants Malaysians to take to the streets if the upcoming state polls are rigged.

Baru unveils ‘land grabbing’ evidence

The PKR leader reveals his first evidence and will continue to do so until the Sarawak state election.

Taib’s ‘ruling’ upsets former candidates

Sarawak United Peoples' Party president George Chan may have a revolt on his hands if he kowtows to Chief Minister Taib Mahmud's latest ruling on 'recycled' and 'defeated' candidates.

Young voters can shift balance in Sarawak election

When Sarawak goes to the polls soon, the outcome could well be decided by the presence of about 300,000 young voters.