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Tag: state elections

Merkel allies suffer double blow in German regional elections

The setbacks for the ruling parties were not as major as feared but could still hasten the break-up of the national coalition led by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Forget race card, Sarawakians’ bread and butter our focus, says state...

Sarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen says PH's focus in preparation for the 2021 state elections is on better facilities, improved education and healthcare, and economic development.

DAP’s Aziz: BN must thank my grandma for winning

Batu Kitang DAP candidate Abdul Aziz Isa congratulates his grandmother for helping BN’s Lo Khere Chiang to win.

Adenan allocates RM1 billion for rural development

Chief Minister has big plans for Bumiputeras in rural areas, says Sarawak's Second Finance Minister.

SUPP expects to lose seven seats to splinter party UPP

Chief Minister Adenan Satem also says SUPP will not get all 21 seats it is eyeing.

DAP stakes claim to seven seats in northern Sarawak

DAP Sarawak wants to contest Piasau, Pujut, Senadin, Lambir, Marudi, Mulu and Bukit Kota

Karim: Stop dragging peninsula politics into Sarawak

Sarawak Assistant Minister says DAP's Chong Chieng Jen's statement on Citizens' Declaration full of malice.

‘DAP does not stand a chance in Dayak seats’

Political analyst confident Dayaks will continue to vote for BN in coming Sarawak elections as people are supportive of Chief Minister Adenan Satem.

‘Najib factor’ unlikely to affect BN in Sarawak

Political analyst says rural voters more concerned about bread-and-butter issues.

DAP rancang tanding hingga 40 kerusi PRN S’wak

Pengerusi DAp Sarawak mendedahkan rancangan untuk bertanding di kerusi yang majoritinya pengundi berketurunan Dayak.

PKR man welcomes BN assemblyman’s renomination

PKR man believes friendship with BN assemblyman will benefit the people.

DAP and PKR at loggerheads over rural seats in Sarawak

Dayak leaders from DAP defend their rural credentials, and say PKR is inconsistent in serving the people.

Great-grandson of ex-governor a likely DAP candidate

Abdul Aziz Isa gives speech at launching of Ubah Machine in Malay, English, Mandarin and Hokkien for the coming Kuching state election.