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Tag: state seat

Mohamad Hasan files appeal to retain Rantau seat

The former MB says he is appealing to clear himself of any alleged misconduct during the nomination for the seat in GE14.

PPBM fails in bid to nullify Johor state seat results

The election court allows MIC rep R Vidyanathan to strike out Norlihan Ariffin's petition challenging the results of the Kahang state seat.

Court wants full trial for Rantau election petition

Judge says the petition by PKR’s Streram Sinnasamy is not defective and a trial must be held where witnesses will be called.

MCA names Tan Chee Teong for Balakong

The party’s number two, Wee Ka Siong admits it will be an uphill task for the MCA to wrest the state seat from the DAP.

Still friends but not the same, Mukhriz tells of rival in...

The former Kedah MB says situation has become awkward now that he is contesting against Aminuddin who stood by him during trying times.

Buddies doesn’t mean I’ll give Mukhriz an easy win, says Aminuddin

The Jitra incumbent pledges to go all out to defend the seat against his 'good friend' and former boss.

Shafie wanted CM’s post, says Najib

The prime minister says Shafie Apdal may hold a grudge against him because his wish to contest a state seat in Sabah was not granted five years ago.

Khairy to sue Rafizi over comments on Rantau

The Umno Youth chief says Rafizi Ramli is using racial sentiments by provoking Indians against BN.

That’s politics, Mukhriz says on battle with close pal Aminuddin

The former MB believes his friend Aminuddin Omar was nominated for the Jitra state seat as a strategic move by BN.

DAP proposes Orang Asli to contest Galas seat in Kelantan

Party veteran Lim Kit Siang says DAP probably also has the youngest candidate this election with Kerk Chee Yee, 25, nominated to contest in Ayer Keroh.

Ex-EC chief Rashid to contest state seat in Kelantan

He will play a key role should Pakatan Harapan win power from PAS, says a PPBM source.

Kedah MB candidate still undecided, says Mukhriz

The Kedah PH chairman says the coalition must win at the state level before deciding who would be best suited to the post.

Matunggong won’t be ‘lent’ to Umno, but what now for PBS?

PBS once controlled the Sabah government, but over the years, many senior party leaders have left thanks to the lacklustre performance of its top leadership.

Sarawak Reform Party to field candidate in Tanjung Datu

Reform leader Lina Soo says it will be an uphill battle and expects BN to 'spend millions upon millions' on campaigning.

Mawan has no intention to give up his MP or state...

Former Teras President William Mawan Ikom says it is unfair for his SPDP rivals to demand that he resign one of his positions.