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RM3 billion needed to repair Sabah schools, says Maszlee

The education minister says free education will have to wait for now.

Let state officials help review citizenship procedures, says activist

Solidarity Anak Sarawak says the government should also resolve the problem of Sarawak natives who are denied citizenship.

Malaysian birth certs, not citizenship, for children of refugees in Sabah

Deputy Home Minister Azis Jamman says Putrajaya will do in-depth study on status of children of IMM13 holders.

Reject move to recognise illegal immigrants in Sabah, says SAPP

The party says the people should also protest against the state government's plan to place refugees on an island.

Suhakam, Indonesian rights body sign MoU on stateless people in Sabah

The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia and the National Human Rights Commission of Indonesia will work on an action plan to help resolve the complex issue of statelessness in Sabah.

Establish KPI for better processing of citizenship applications, says MP

Kasthuri Patto says it is not enough just to improve the standard operating procedure as the whole process of handling citizenship applications is disorganised.

First family support group for stateless launched

Klang MP Charles Santiago says the group will create awareness on their rights under the Federal Constitution.

Sabah opposition not keen on having stateless kids in govt schools

SAPP believes Education Minister Maszlee Malik’s announcement is irresponsible while Parti Kerjasama Anak Negeri describes it as controversial.

No favouritism in giving citizenship, Putrajaya assures

The process is based on the country's laws to determine those eligible to be citizens.

A nobody in Malaysia: Life without a MyKad

Wong Kueng Hui is not giving up his struggle to be recognised as a Malaysian citizen.

Kasthuri Patto on the best Merdeka gift for children

The DAP MP calls for a moratorium on child marriage applications and the conferring of citizenship on stateless children and children who remain unadopted at foster homes.

Citizenship move not another Projek IC ruse, Shafie assures

The chief minister says granting citizenship to permanent residents will help genuine Sabahans who became stateless through no fault of their own.

Give citizenship to stateless people too, says Sabah NGO

NGO leader Datu Akjan Datu Ali Muhammad says the government's initiative should be extended to Sabah, where thousands of people are still waiting for citizenship.

UN refugee agency welcomes Thai move to give cave boys citizenship

Many of Thailand's stateless are part of "hill tribes" living in remote border areas where they have limited access to information, including on how to apply for citizenship.

Stateless footballers rescued from Thai cave granted citizenship

The long-ignored issue came into focus during the rescue mission when it was revealed that four of those trapped inside lacked citizenship

Sabah’s east coast home to most stateless people, say NGOs

Gabungan NGO Negeri Sabah (Gannos) president Nani Sakam say survey, which ended today, documented about 60,000 stateless people in the state.

Cut red tape for stateless kids, says Penang rep

PKR’s citizenship programme coordinator A Kumaresan says many are unable to get an education due to their status.

Coach Ek, the unlikely stateless hero of Thai cave drama

Football coach Ekkapol Chantawong is one of several stateless members of the "Wild Boars".

35 years old, in business, in love, and in limbo

The case of 'Edward', one of hundreds of stateless people in Malaysia, underscores the need for political will to end their despair, says Klang MP Charles Santiago.

PSM: End plight of stateless people now

PSM’s central committee member Dr Michael Jeyakumar tells Committee on Institutional Reforms that stateless people should not be further marginalised.

Urgent solution needed for stateless children, foreign spouses’ woes

It is the sole responsibility of the government and not that of agencies or NGOs.

Indian PH reps want Sedic audited

Klang MP Charles Santiago says this is to ensure that allocations for the Unit for the Socio-economic Development of the Indian Community was well spent.

Growing problem of native-born but stateless in Sabah

There are as many as 800,000 now, most of them children of indigenous Rungus, Murut and Dusun, says a coalition of 21 associations.

Don’t derail hopes of 300,000 Indians, Hindraf tells lawyers group

Its chairman P Waythamoorthy questions the group's criticism of PH's promise to solve the stateless issue affecting the community.