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Give your baby a chance to live, Yeoh tells mums with...

The deputy women, family and community development minister says of the 1,010 babies abandoned between 2010 and May this year, 65% were already dead when found.

3.2mil non-citizens among Malaysia’s population of 32.6mil

Bumiputeras comprise 69.3% of the population, with a slight drop to 22.8% recorded for Chinese Malaysians.

Economy to grow between February and April next year

Department of Statistics says current economic activity rose 1% in October.

Skin cancer deaths rates soar, mostly for men

More than 90% of melanoma cancers are caused by skin cell damage from exposure to the sun or other sources of UV radiation.

Mourinho blasts pundits with barrage of Rashford statistics

Manchester United coach José Mourinho cited various statistics to defend the playing time given to Marcus Rashford.

23 statistics about money that will make you think

From insurance coverage, to spending habits to whether we have enough savings to retire on, these questions could be a much-needed wake-up call.

Wimbledon ‘Stat Pack’ help explain the point

IBM has been Wimbledon's official statistics provider since 1990.

The real story about Malaysian Indians

The statistics thrown about which claim the majority of Indians support MIC need careful examining and reassessment.

Indonesia’s inflation rate picks up in March

The headline consumer price index (CPI) in March rose 3.40% from a year ago, slightly above the median forecast of 3.32% in a Reuters poll.

Expect more jobs in financial services sector, says Bank Negara

It says in labour market report that 7,200 jobs were created in the sector last year, an increase of 8.7% over the previous year.

PKR: What increase in household income?

PKR treasurer-general Tan Yee Kew says the recorded growth in income for B40 households is mainly due to BR1M payments, but that the cost of food, transport and fuel has outstripped the inflation rate.

Mean monthly household income rises to RM5,228 in 2016

Malaysians spent an average of RM4,033 per month, an increase of 6% from 2014, latest statistics show.

Govt wants federal, private agencies sharing more data

Big data is here to stay, says Minister in the PM's Department Abdul Rahman Dahlan, saying with detailed info, better policies can be formulated.

Household income RM5,900 a month? Why it’s a lie…

Malaysian households earning RM5,900 a month is a blatant lie. The problem about telling lies is that with time, the liar believes his own.

‘Fear of crime definitely on the rise’

Forget about statistics and perceptions and let's do something together about the increasing "fear of crime", say anti-crime groups.

Fake crime statistics: ‘Every word is true’

Senior officer in Bukit Aman concedes contents of a letter by a veteran of the force on crime statistics being doctored has merit

Archived: Chinese youths top suicide list

In Malaysia a suicide attempt is a criminal offence under Section 309 of the Penal Code but it hasn't stopped our highly pressurised young.

RM67.55b surplus but where’s the money?

If statistics are any measure, Sarawak should be the richest state in Malaysia, so why then is there a lack of funds for development projects.

‘Insulted’ DAP wants an apology

Financial figures in the Yearbook of Statistics Sarawak 2010 published by the federal government is 'all wrong', according to the state's Second Finance Minister Wong Soon Koh.

Archived: ‘Review ties with Pairin and gang’

The continued support of Sabah BN partners – PBS, Upko and PBRS – for Umno means that non-Muslim natives are being 'herded into museums', says DAP.