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Tag: statutory rape

Child marriage is statutory rape, says Sabah minister

However, Sabah Community Development and Consumer Affairs Minister Jainab Ahmad Ayid says having 3 court systems - civil court, shariah court and native court - complicates the matter.

Vell Paari: MIC branch chairman quit over alleged underage sex

Vell Paari says branch chairman was heard asking a woman to let him have sex with her underaged daughter, while admitting to having slept with SPM students.

MP: Rohani’s reply sends wrong message on child marriage

Kulai MP says it made it sound like child marriages are the solution in such cases of statutory rape.

Woman relates personal trauma of child marriage

Woman, who married when she was 16, says she endures physical and emotional abuse every day from husband who has not had a proper job in 20 years of marriage.

Child marriages: Latest case of statutory rape worries DAP

Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching says appeal by man, 20, to police that he will marry pregnant 13-year-old girlfriend, is why law banning child marriages is essential.

‘Special Court will deal with child offenders speedily’

Deputy minister says in cases of statutory rape, many parents withdrew their police reports later because their child and the rapist liked each other and they were married off.

Shabudin mulls suing dailies for ‘spinning’ his rapist remarks

Tasek Gelugor MP also laughs off the protest by a group of voters in his constituency yesterday, saying there were Muslims who did not understand Islamic law.

‘To marry girl to rapist is to disregard statutory rape law’

Society should not underplay the enormity of the crime of statutory rape by allowing or encouraging marriage to the perpetrator, says Joint Action Group for Gender Equality.

Rape in school: Police must act, says minister

Mahdzir says Education Ministry views the case seriously, but up to state education department to conduct investigation.

Form One girl reports rape in school storeroom

She says in police report that two boys, aged 14 and 15, dragged her into the room and raped her.

Is Rohani merely blowing hot air?

It is hoped that she has the political will to keep her promise to intervene in cases of rapists marrying their underage victims.

Child marriages will end premarital sex, claims PAS MP

Pasir Puteh lawmaker says there are 16-year-old teenagers who are lusty and want to have sex.

Preacher slams PAS’ claim, says married people rape too

Wan Ji Wan Hussin disputes PAS’s logic and posits that if marriage could solve the problem of rape, then so many married persons would not be involved in rape.