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Nikkei ends on almost 6-month high following US-China deal

Typhoon Hagibis aftermath also triggers rise in engineering and construction shares.

China wants more talks before signing trade deal with Trump

Foreign ministry spokesman hopes both sides 'will meet each other halfway'.

Trump aides say he has power to force companies from China

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says Trump has the authority to force US companies out of China under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act. 

US-China trade talks resume after Trump tweetstorm

Analysts say Trump's tweets will do little to ease the already-tense relationship between Washington and Beijing.

Amazon has ‘destroyed’ US retail industry, Mnuchin says

The Justice Department’s antitrust division disclose plans to scrutinise tech platforms following mounting criticism across Washington that the companies have become too big and too powerful.

France defiant in digital tax showdown with US at G7

France has passed a new law that will tax digital giants on revenue accrued inside the country, even if their European headquarters are elsewhere.

Pelosi keeps focus on budget caps in debt limit call to...

The House Speaker says she and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin 'must reach an agreement on spending priorities based on the principle of parity as soon as possible.'

US, Chinese negotiators hold ‘constructive’ phone talks on trade

US and Chinese trade officials hold a 'constructive' phone conversation, marking a new round of talks after the world's two largest economies agree to a truce in a year-long trade war.

Mnuchin says Huawei issue concerns national security, separate from trade

Steven Mnuchin says Huawei move by the United States is based on national security and not on trade.

US leaves door open to China on trade talks at G20

Steven Mnuchin warns the United States will impose more tariffs if a deal with China is not reached stating they are open with the republic on negotiations.

Yi Gang: China has lots of policy room if trade war...

People’s Bank of China Governor Yi Gang says the nation has “tremendous” room to adjust monetary policy if the trade war with the US deepens.

First day of US-China trade talks end; Trump’s tariff hike set...

Trump is aiming at the US$325 billion in Chinese goods that are so far untouched by the trade war to tax those with a punitive tariff of 25%.

Seeking to avert higher tariffs, China dispatches top negotiator to US

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Monday cast doubt on the talks due to China had backtracked on previous commitments.

US-China trade talks nearing decisive moment, says official

US Treasury Secretary is trying to finalise a deal that President Donald Trump has demanded to repair what he calls an unfair and unbalanced relationship.

US seeks US$10 bln trade finance fund for Venezuela

But those institutions must sit on the sidelines until there is clear international recognition of a government in Caracas.

Before US Congress, Mnuchin testimony descends into acrimony

The treasury secretary in facing grilling before House panels on appropriations and financial services, where Democrats are aggressively questioning him over President Donald Trump’s tax returns, sanctions policy toward Russia and his personal finances.

White House’s Kudlow says US-China talks making progress, could extend

The United States and China have levied tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of two-way trade since July 2018. Trump has said he wants a "great deal" with China and has hinted that tariffs could remain in place for some time.

US negotiators to return to China next week

The renewed shuttle diplomacy is a sign of progress after several weeks of slowed momentum.

Nikkei climbs to 5-week high, aided by chip-related firms, Apple suppliers

The Nikkei share average rose 1.0% to 20,773.56, the highest closing level since Dec 19.

Trump voices confidence in Mnuchin, Fed

The S&P 500 stock index tumbled 2.7% on Monday in its worst-ever trading session before the Christmas holiday.

US’s Mnuchin to skip Saudi investment conference amid Khashoggi case

Prominent business partners of Saudi Arabia and investors, including companies with significant investment from Riyadh, have fled the conference since Khashoggi's disappearance on October 2 during a visit to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Window ‘narrowing’ for global economy, IMF warns

The IMF statement said it would push to improve the World Trade Organisation and boost confidence in the global trading system.

US-China trade row not a threat to world economy

Mnuchin says President Donald Trump's drive to punish China with tariffs to encourage it to adopt fairer trade practices would have the opposite effect.

US Treasury secretary: Economy strong, stock drop a ‘natural correction’

After two days of sharp drops in US and global stock markets over fears of rising interest rates and the US trade conflicts, Mnuchin said markets tended to go too far in both directions and then would have to correct.