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Court misses chance to review AG’s power, says ex-Bar president

In other Commonwealth countries, such as Singapore, the court has declared that the prosecutorial power of the AG can be reviewed, says Steven Thiru.

George Varughese is new Malaysian Bar president

Bar will also work with the government to revive the National Legal Aid Foundation to assist the poor and needy to represent them in criminal cases.

Bar Council: Why no headway in locating Pastor Koh?

Lawyers body says public confidence in the criminal justice system has been eroded by lack of progress.

Malaysian Bar: Let Balamurugan’s death be last in police custody

Calling for the establishment of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission, president Steven Thiru says courts must act against police officers who defy court instructions, as in the case involving Balamurugan.

Bar groups reject PM’s role in judicial appointments

JAC must be absolutely free of executive influence, says Malaysian Bar president.

Badan Peguam gesa hentikan penindasan Temiar, Rohingya

Hak asasi dan kehidupan mereka perlu dilindungi dan Badan Peguam akan bekerjasama mencari penyelesaian secara aman dan adil

Bar wants a stop to oppression against Temiar, Rohingyas

Their right to livelihood and life must be protected and the Malaysian Bar will work for peaceful and just resolution of these conflicts, says Steven Thiru.

Majlis peguam persoal serbuan polis tanpa kehadiran peguam

Hak perundangan Bersih dan Empower dicabul kerana polis hanya menyiasat, tidak menangkap sesiapa, kata presidennya.

Bar questions police raids without presence of lawyers

Legal rights of Bersih and Empower have been violated as police were only investigating, not arresting anyone, says Bar president Steven Thiru.

Maria’s Sosma charge due to foreign funding?

Malaysian Bar president Steven Thiru says money received from George Soros-funded OSF likely reason for police holding Bersih leader under anti-terror law.

Peguam siap sedia bantu penunjuk perasaan yang ditahan

Hanya perlu sms dan beri butiran orang yang ditahan untuk dapatkan bantuan guaman Badan Peguam

Lawyers on standby at Bersih rally to assist those detained

One only needs to sms and provide details of the detainee for the urgent arrest team to act, says Bar president Steven Thiru.

Bar appeals ruling to determine if AG’s power is unlimited

The case is important as in a system founded on the rule of law, no government instrument should be above the law, says Bar Council chairman Steven Thiru.

Judge denies leave to seek review against AG on RM2.6b case

Bar Council to appeal but Zaid Ibrahim says he won’t appeal, while Khairudin says he respects the decision made in chambers by Justice Hanipah Farikullah.

Let new judge hear Maria’s suit against Jamal

No need for speculation over reasons behind change in the judge presiding over case, says former Malaysian Bar president Zainur Zakaria.

Majlis Peguam kesal pendakwaan penipuan skim bantuan guaman

Presiden persatuan peguam berkata, pendakwaan 2 ahlinya tidak boleh mengalih perhatian mereka untuk terus komited membantu masyarakat.

Bar deplores ‘fraud’ allegations in legal aid scheme

Malaysian Bar holding watching brief on two lawyers accused of corruption over claims made by them under the scheme.

Kerajaan tak patut abai Orang Asli, kata badan peguam

Bar Malaysia menyeru pihak berkuasa untuk menghentikan sekatan ke perkampungan Orang Asli terbabit, dan menggesa Kelantan supaya menghentikan semua aktiviti pembalakan.

Govt’s duty to protect Orang Asli land rights, says Bar

It urges the dismantling of any blockade leading to Orang Asli settlements and asks Kelantan to halt all logging activities in Orang Asli areas.

Lobby MPs against LPA amendments, lawyers urged

A muted Bar Council will be a loss to the judiciary and society, says former Bar president.

‘Bar can’t be limited to bread and butter issues’

Bar Council President Steven Thiru says it also has other objectives like giving views on laws, law reform and legal aid issues.

Bar: Never resort to arrest and detention to intimidate

President Steven Thiru says Lim Guan Eng had been fully cooperating with MACC and there was no basis to arrest and detain him overnight on June 29.

M’sian Bar: We’re working to stamp out touts

Longstanding problem of touts hanging around hospitals to get clients for lawyers has still not been settled.

M’sian Bar repeats call for IPCMC

Bar President Steven Thiru argues that present commission is limited to making recommendations and lacks power to stop abuse by cops.