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Hapus stigma hijrah ke bandar mampu ubah taraf hidup, kata penganalisis

Penganalisis sosial, Mohammad Shatar Sabran berkata penduduk kampung tidak perlu berdepan kesesakan lalu lintas dan menyewa rumah lebih murah kerana industri akan ke kawasan luar bandar jika ramai tenaga buruh kekal di sana.

How blogging is good for your mental health

By sharing mental health stories, people can collectively help the fight against stigma and misinformation.

Syed Saddiq mahu bekas banduan kerja di pejabatnya

Menteri belia dan sukan itu berkata, inisiatif itu ialah permulaan bagi program kempen 'Riben Kuning' untuk mengubah stigma dan pandangan negatif masyarakat terhadap bekas banduan.

Indian mothers campaign to end breastfeeding stigma

Clutching his elephant toy, Avyaan's conversation is pretty much limited to a happy gurgle, but the nine-month-old might be about to go down in history for helping make breastfeeding in public more socially acceptable in prudish India.

Don’t link mental problems to weak faith, Wan Azizah tells Muslim...

There is a need to change public perception on depression and problems related to mental health.

Lesbian couple’s suicide notes reveal stigma they face in India

The suicide of a lesbian couple who jumped into a river and drowned highlights the hidden struggles of gay women in India, who are subjected to 'corrective rape' cures and family pressure to marry.

Bollywood’s Padukone says India ‘long way’ from ending mental illness stigma

Nearly half of all Indians admitted to holding prejudices against people with mental illnesses.

Zimbabwe holds Miss Albinism beauty pageant to fight stigma

Oozing charm and confidence, 22-year-old Sithembiso Mutukura beat 12 other contestants in Zimbabwe's first Miss Albinism beauty contest aimed at reducing stigma and increasing awareness about the condition.

India TB survivor helps patients tackle society, sex and stigma

Nandita Venkatesan's 'brave fight' against TB sees her win an award from a major bank.

Something borrowed: grooms and guests for hire in Vietnam

"It's good to spend a bit of money and make everyone happy. We settled the headaches in peace," one explained.

Transgenders meet mufti to end discrimination against them

Organisation says discussions with FT mufti included interpretation of the Quran and Hadith to create awareness among people on transgender issues.

Keperitan hidup kerana membawa taraf ‘anak luar nikah’

Aktivis mempersoalkan peraturan anak luar nikah dibinkan dengan 'Abdullah'.

The importance of training for adoptive parents

An adoptive parent shares the experience of a friend who also adopted a baby but encountered problems dealing with the child's tantrums.

Orphanages reluctant to work with baby hatch centres

OrphanCare says some orphanages are afraid to cooperate 'for fear of losing children' which might force them to close down their institutions.

‘I accept who I am and what I am,’ says adopted...

Alana Maulad Azmi says adopted children like herself are just as much discriminated against as those born out of wedlock, because both can't use their biological father's name.

Time to break the stigma on old folks’ homes

Caretakers say sending elderly parents to nursing homes does not mean they are being 'dumped' but helps ensure they receive necessary care and medical attention.

Rumah jagaan orang tua – masa untuk pecahkan stigma

Banci menunjukkan hampir 1 daripada 3 rakyat Malaysia berusia 60 tahun ke atas ditinggalkan anak mereka.

Ostracising those born out of wedlock un-Islamic, says group

A volunteer group which combats baby dumping and sale laments society's attitude towards unwed pregnant women.

Stigma towards autism still persistent

There are even parents and others in society who mistakenly believe it is contagious.