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Tag: stolen money

Did BN ‘rob’ Malay agencies? Let PAC probe, says Najib

Former premier takes ruling coalition to task for harping on the claims of theft without charging anyone in court.

RM236 million from Riza’s Hollywood firm back in Malaysia, says AG

The sum is the first tranche out of some RM1.3 billion which will be making its way into a special 1MDB recovery account.

First repayment of 1MDB money coming soon, says Guan Eng

The finance minister says the amount will not be in the billions, but is a start to recovering the money allegedly stolen from 1MDB.

Najib shocked RM3.5 mil stolen by guards on May 9

Former PM wants authorities to return money to Umno.

Zaid: Refer to Quran, don’t just accept muftis’ words

Former de facto law minister tells Muslims some muftis and ulamas get their salary from the government, and, therefore, it is best to do their own research to get to the truth.