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Tag: strategy

Strong leadership can stop opportunists out to damage race ties, says...

The former think tank chief calls for greater focus on economic development and wealth sharing to beat race rhetoric.

Why we can’t stop spending money

Price consultants advise companies about product pricing. And with advances in technology, it is pretty darn hard to beat them at their game.

Force India chose strategy over grid position

Sergio Pérez intentionally qualified with a low grid position for the Mexican Grand Prix due to his team's tactics.

Chelsea’s Sarri slams players for ditching game plan in United draw

Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri was not pleased that his team's slick passing game gave way to long-ball hoofing tactics in the game against Manchester United.

Greece’s Tsipras to chart post-bailout strategy in keynote speech

Tsipras is expected to rollout a plan to scale back cuts to work benefits.

Apple announces event on Sept 12 for revamped iPhone lineup

The company will unveil its renewed iPhone strategy at the event.

Thyssenkrupp needs new strategy, targets not enough

Thyssenkrupp has been thrown into turmoil after both its CEO and chairman resigned in July, under pressure from shareholders to revive the group's share price, which has fallen a third since 2011.

Leicester to debut possession game at United, says Schmeichel

According to Kasper Schmeichel, Leicester City will switch their playing style from a counter-attacking style to a possession-based one when they play against Manchester United.

Wide variety of tactical styles bring the World Cup to life

The many different tactical approaches used during the World Cup have added an extra layer of complexity to the matches.

Give scholarships to attract foreign students, says education firm

Education Malaysia Global Services CEO Rujhan Mustafa says one way to attract more foreign students is by giving them full or partial scholarships.

PKR to reveal strategy for Batu tonight, says Tian Chua

Sources say the party may have to endorse one of the independent candidates.

Come for your drugs, leave with more shopping: Walmart’s new growth...

Walmart have approached Humana this month, and the companies began to discuss closer ties focused on new partnerships.

Pacific US military outpost eyes shifting strategic seas

Thanks to more than a century of military history and a changing power dynamic in the region, Wake Island will continue to pack an outsized strategic punch for America.

Mourinho unrepentant in Manchester style wars

Manchester City is enjoying a 13-point lead at the top of the Premier League with a game in hand.

The Great Wall of Turin

Dominant defensive performances should cause fans to reconsider their assumptions about defensively-oriented football.

PH: Neutral stand by PAS in facing BN has backfired

Raja Kamarul Bahrin claims PAS supporters are dissatisfied with party’s attitude towards long-time foe Umno and are looking to Pakatan Harapan as an alternative.