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Tag: stray dogs

Royal ticking off for Subang Jaya staff’s rough treatment of stray...

Tengku Permaisuri of Selangor calls for procedures to be followed strictly to ensure that animals are not harmed.

Stray dogs not given the rights they deserve

Trap-neuter-release-management (TNRM) is the best method to control the stray dog population.

Penang vows to be kind to its stray dogs

State exco man says it was repulsed by Ipoh City Council's controversial shoot-at-sight method of controlling strays.

Kill strays? It can save people’s lives, says animal activist

Petpositive's Anthony Thanasayan says it is the kindest thing to do, provided shelters can be found for the stray dogs.

PAWS criticises deputy minister for ‘put dogs to sleep’ remarks

The animal-welfare NGO says it is unfair to push the responsibility of sheltering dogs to NGOs.

Halting spread of rabies: Health ministry calls for ‘zero stray dog’...

It says the Netherlands, Japan and Singapore have implemented this policy.

Curbing rabies: Sarawak to get rid of stray dogs by 2025

Government plans to implement mandatory registration, microchip implantation and identification tags for all dogs between March and April this year.

Tourists lament loss of friendly dog due to MBPP action

Tourists at Batu Ferringhi mourn the death of female dog Butcho who allegedly died after being caught and tranquilised by Penang Island City Council officers.

MPs: Stray dogs ‘murdered’ in Russian World Cup cities

Russian lower house's environmental protection committee Vladimir Burmatov called for stray dogs to be placed in temporary holding centres and sterilised, saying this would be no more costly than killing them and would improve Russia's image.

Facebook user arrested over veterinary dept threat

Police say the 34-year-old bank officer had posted a threat against the Sarawak Veterinary Services Department on a Facebook page championing stray dogs.

No more multiplying strays as Penang implements neutering

State exco Chow Kon Yeow says animal activists often accuse the state government of being cruel by putting stray animals down.

Rammy the stray goes from Johor back alleys to Big Apple

Johor woman starts DogLibre to rescue strays like Rammy and help place them with animal lovers, as well as provide other volunteer services to pet lovers.

Review govt policy to close vet clinics, says Sarawak DAP

Case of 3 kids with rabies in ICU in Serian merits urgent aid for people to get help from government veterinary clinics if they cannot afford private ones, says Dr Kelvin Yii.

RM55 for a stray dog: Johor prince takes council to task

Offering monetary rewards for strays will result in a frenzy of dog catching, leading to potential abuse, say animal welfare bodies.

Don’t cull, just neuter strays, says animal rescue group

Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better says culling no longer effective, neutering best way to help reduce stray dog population.

Officials look for ways to curb stray-dog problem

Public Complaints Bureau calls for meeting with Veterinary officials and animal groups because of rising number of complaints.