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Adopt a dog: They did and loved it, now you can...

The Voice for Paws’ Adoption Drive will once again be held in Bangsar on Sunday, May 26 from 11am-4pm so you can take home your own furkid too.

Just paw-fect! UMK vet faculty offers medical help to AirAsia dogs

Universiti Malaysia Kelantan's internal veterinary consultant visits DogQ to offer consultation regarding dogs' health, diet and overall care.

Seremban Hospital denies killing stray dogs, says it’s only catching them

Tuanku Jaafar Hospital director Dr Jazari Jamaluddin says operation followed standard protocol after NGO intervenes and rescues caged canines amid claims of torture.

Adopt a dog: Take a chance to meet your forever buddy

The Voice for Paws’ Adoption Drive will be in Bangsar on Sunday, April 14 from 11am-4pm.

My dog and I, til death do us part

Domestic pets have claimed a firm spot in the hearts of Germans.

Isle of dogs: Pakistan fishermen feed islands full of strays

The island, known as Dingy or Buddo, is one of dozens populated by dogs that line the shore south of the sprawling port megacity.

Stray dog poisoning video sparks Lebanon outcry

Welfare organisation Animals Lebanon, which posted the video, said it was seeking action from the government.

MBPJ, Paws introduce new regulations to reduce strays

The regulations will take effect on Jan 1 and includes, among others, neutering and vaccination.

Rabies: Vet recommends vaccinating dogs in northern states

Dr Devan Arumugam says there is also a need to tighten country's borders to prevent people bringing in infected animals from neighbouring countries where rabies is endemic.

Hearts melt as AirAsia adopts 3 stray dogs at new HQ

The low-cost carrier sees its popularity soar among customers after it takes in three stray dogs and a cat.

Singaporean leaves job to look after strays in JB

S Loganathan and his wife run the Esa Animal Shelter which accommodates at least 500 strays.