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Telefon ibu mampu kurangkan kadar stress

Ramai yang mengalami tekanan atau stress disebabkan tugas yang banyak atau urusan tertentu, namun tidak tahu mengawalnya dengan baik sehingga menjadikan badan lemah dan tidak bermaya.

4 cara boleh digunakan elak stress ke tempat kerja

Bekerja di sekitar bandar tidak dapat mengelakkan diri anda tersangkut dalam kesesakan lalulintas dan pada masa sama akan membuatkan stress meningkat.

Belajar bermain alat muzik mampu hindarkan diri dari depresi

Seorang guru muzik mengakui dirinya melepasi satu fasa “gelap” dalam hidupnya melalui permainan alat muzik

Stressed pregnant moms may mean lower sperm counts

Even the lowest sperm count report among the men whose mothers have experience repeated stress would not on its own result in infertility.

Always feeling bitter and negative? You need to read this

Not taking charge of our negative emotions can have devastating effects on us.

Work-related stress: Are you a victim?

If you have too many blue days or start to freak out at the thought of going to work, you may be suffering from work-related stress.

Mengigau semasa tidur… Ketahui apakah puncanya

Bercakap atau melakukan sesuatu perbuatan ketika sedang tidur merupakan satu tindakan tanpa disedari yang adakalanya kelakar dan merbahaya

Smashing away anger at Indonesia’s ‘Temper Clinic’

Temper Clinic is where you can unleash your stress and anger by smashing items such as old televisions and printers.

Itching skin? Put Nocturnal Pruritus to bed for good

Apart from over the counter medications, there are home treatments and relaxation techniques you can use to ease the itching and promote a restful sleep.

Thinking of your partner will help to keep blood pressure down

Researchers have found that when encountering a stressful situation, those who are in a romantic relationship may be able to prevent an increase in blood pressure just by thinking of their partner.

The link between stress and miscarriages

Studies have shown that women under extreme stress have a higher likelihood of miscarrying compared to women who aren't.

Parents’ stress at work may affect the well-being of their children

The study suggests that parents who have a sense of control over their professional lives are less exposed to work stress and the children in their homes are less likely to be sick.

New Australian Open heat policy to counter oven-like conditions

The "Heat Stress Scale" will be used for the first time at a Grand Slam to help prevent players from fainting and suffering exhaustion.

Beat the stress at Kerala’s Ayurvedic jungle retreat

If you are keen to reduce your stress levels in a jungle setting and enjoy some Ayurvedic treatment or spa pampering then this could be for you.

Burnout, stress lead more companies to try a four-day work week

Employees find It is much healthier and do a better job if not working crazy hours.

What ‘prehypertension’ is and how to beat it

If you are experiencing prehypertension, there are numerous effective ways to reverse the condition and keep yourself fit as a fiddle.

Effective ways to deal with exam stress

Stress can be good for alertness and productivity but bad when too much leads to fatigue and burnout.

Over a third of Brits are full of stress rather than...

Time is also a factor, with 27% stressed about not having enough time to get things done and 17% worrying that deliveries of food and presents won't arrive on time.

Education hothouse Singapore seeks to ease the pressure

The reforms are aimed at moving away from an over-emphasis on academic results, the ministry said.

Identifying the underlying issues of why we procrastinate

Being under stress, suffering from ADHD, anxiety or depression can be some of the reasons why we keep putting off doing simple tasks.

Screen teachers for stress, says psychologist

'Those whose levels are too high should consider other occupations.'

Travel tips 101 for safe and happy holidays

You can be a happy traveller if you follow these basic rules on packing, budgeting, keeping safe and getting value for money.

Can’t get it on in bed? Here’s possibly why…

Insomnia, chronic pain, depression and diabetes are just some of the conditions that can wreak havoc on your sex life.

Black barbershops can help clients lower blood pressure

Black barbershops are known as places to gather, socialize and get a haircut.