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Hundreds protest as HK teen’s schoolmate asks ‘why shoot Form Five...

Office workers, high-school students gather to denounce ‘ridiculous’ action of police.

Police fire tear gas as Indonesian student protests turn violent

Demo against legal reforms causes traffic gridlock and chaotic scenes in Jakarta.

Thousands rally across Indonesia in fresh legal-reform protests

2 dead and hundreds injured in biggest student rallies since 1998 demonstrations toppled Suharto.

Young women aspire to be leaders, care for others

Participants at the National Women's Empowerment Camp determined to lead fulfilling lives.

306 Malaysian students evacuated from Pekanbaru, Jambi

This follows the declaration of emergency in Riau province because of haze.

Unimas denies food sold to students below par, overpriced

The DAP claims new students have complained about the quality of the food but Universiti Malaysia Sarawak says it has not received any complaints.

Raatchasi ignites self-reflection among teachers

Maszlee Malik is right to urge teachers to watch the movie ‘Raatchasi’ as it has many lessons which, if taken to heart, may just help improve the schooling experience.

Jasin factory ammonia gas leak forces evacuation of 120 students

Nine factory workers were sent to the Jasin Hospital for further treatment after suffering breathing difficulties.

Hong Kong students defy China warnings with boycott

Students have been the backbone of a movement that sprang up to oppose government plans to allow extraditions to China.

24 school children down with pesticide poisoning

Foul smell in the air while pupils were taking a mathematics test in preparation for the UPSR exams.

With swords and stunts, Thai youth embrace ancient martial art

In order to spice things up for a younger audience, teachers and students have added more moves and gymnast spins to 'Krabi Krabong'.

The 5 worst team mates to work with on projects

Student life is made a lot harder when working with people you cannot rely on.

6 monster roommates to fear

Who needs haunted houses when the dorm room is already inhabited by creatures of the supernatural?

11 schoolchildren in Pasir Gudang sent to sick bay

Executive councillor says the pupils experienced headache, nausea and vomiting, and were told to rest.

No evidence of mass hysteria in Pasir Gudang, says minister

Dzulkefly Ahmad says the symptoms experienced by the schoolchildren 'are considered a normal reaction of those who have gone through a traumatic experience'.

Bangladesh professor doused in kerosene over ‘lewd’ lectures

Masud Mahmud today escaped unhurt after students in protest over his alleged lewd lectures doused him in kerosene.

Facebook is daily news source for 21% of adults in Philippines

Facebook is a daily news source for 13.9 million people in the Philippines while 40.4 million people still get information through television.

Student debt a ‘life sentence’ for millions of Americans

Millions of Americans are paying a steep price for an education that will likely weigh them down financially for much of their adult life.

Cause of Pasir Gudang pollution ‘to be known in 2 days’

Schools and kindergartens in Pasir Gudang to be closed until Thursday.

Toxic waste at Sungai Kim Kim caused Pasir Gudang pollution

Minister says initial investigations show that the cleaning contractor did not do a thorough job in clearing the hazardous materials.

Poverty, not recognition, is why students join gangs, say experts

They say poor students think their involvement in gangs will lead them to a lavish lifestyle later on.

Students join secret societies to gain recognition, say cops

They say these wayward students want to be feared by their peers.

Teachers not to blame for students’ poor English

There are many steps the government can take to improve the situation, including using English as a medium to teach core subjects at school.

What the CEFR is and isn’t

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is not an exam, reform plan or type of English, and students will not be compared to native speakers in terms of proficiency.