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Honeybees don’t need to be ‘saved’

A study shows the majority of pollination for most crops and flowers is done by other types of insects and not by honeybees.

How Neolithic stews, yogurt helped lead to ‘F’ and ‘V’ sounds

Researchers say they spent five years on the study.

Study: Gender funding gap grows when research pitches get personal

The Lancet also features studies into sexual harassment within scientific and medical fields, and how women are poorly represented in the research community despite making up 75% of health workers worldwide.

How to improve your resume outside of school

Getting a part-time job while studying as well as volunteering in charities or joining student societies show potential employers just how well-rounded you are.

When ‘study’ is a dangerous word

The new government appears to be talking about undertaking study after study but is it really serious about implementation?

Could speaking the native language at home boost IQ for bilingual...

The new study is not the first to show that being bilingual can have positive effects on the brain and intelligence.

When does fertility decline? Many young people don’t know finds new...

New Australian research has found that many young people do not know when male and female fertility starts to decline, despite wanting to achieve many life goals before they start a family.

Bee scent could repel elephants, prevent conflict with humans: study

Now, researchers say this well-honed fear of bees could be used to help repel the majestic beasts in places where they risk conflicts with humans.

Exercise still beneficial for the heart even in areas of high...

New European research has found that exercise can still help reduce the risk of a heart attack even when carried out in areas with moderate to high levels of traffic pollution.

Eating 5.5 portions of fruit and veg a day may lower...

New US research has found that women who eat at least five and a half portions of fruit and vegetables every day may have a lower risk of breast cancer, especially aggressive tumours, than those who have a lower daily intake.

Should your workplace ban meat?

Environmentalists say livestock farming is a major contributor to global warming.

What a loss to the nation when scholarship holders can’t get...

It's almost scary to see graduation photos of smiling Malaysian students when those who graduated years earlier are still struggling to secure jobs despite almost reaching their thirties.

Women may be more likely to die from heart failure than...

New Canadian research suggests that women are at a higher risk of being hospitalized and dying from heart failure than men.

New study highlights the importance of exercise for those with depression

New US research has found that exercise may be just as important for a depressed patient's good health as medication -- and in some cases could be the preferred treatment.

180,000 places to further studies locally for 2017 SPM candidates

This is an increase of 22% from last year.

Prison gives young inmates chance to improve, says Zahid

Deputy prime minister cites example of young offenders who have scored excellent results in SPM, besides those pursuing higher studies.

Rep in bad books? Don’t invent stories, CM slams paper

Lim Guan Eng says assemblywoman going for studies overseas was in fact placed in charge of disbursement of flood aid recently.

World Sleep Day, March 16: Not getting enough sleep? Here’s why...

Friday, March 16, World Sleep Day is a little reminder to us all to try to get some much-needed shut-eye. Here we round up some recent studies which show how important sleep is for good health.

DAP’s Yap Soo Huey to quit politics for studies

Pulau Tikus assemblywoman to pursue her master's in city and transport planning in the United States.

Comparative studies: We can’t do it ‘our way’

Comparative studies must meet objective, independent and verifiable criteria in order to provide an accurate picture of the situation.

Islamic Studies will follow rules of religious bodies in Johor, says...

To ensure the highest standards, all teaching staff must be hired from accredited colleges, he adds.

Poison letters against Taiwanese varsities sent to Chinese schools here

The letters claim universities have a low proficiency of English and employability of graduates is low.

Apati kerajaan terhadap Orang Asli penyebab kurang pendidikan

Seorang Orang Asli dari Cameron Highlands berkata keadaan jalan raya ke sekolah yang teruk menyukarkan kanak-kanak Orang Asli meneruskan persekolahan.

‘Govt apathy reason for lack of education among Orang Asli’

An Orang Asli from Cameron Highlands says bad roads to secondary schools make it hard for Orang Asli children to continue studies.