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Smartphone addiction may help identify depression

Researchers find device dependency increases risk of feelings of loneliness.

Malaysian study suggests fats not major heart disease culprit

The study shows restricting carbohydrate consumption may be more beneficial to heart health than restricting total fat consumption.

Teens who stay single have better social skills, are less depressed,...

Every year, the students are asked whether they have dated, as well as to report on social and emotional factors.

Govt to look into compatibility of new fighter jets, says Mat...

He says it also depends on financial position of the country.

Putrajaya will study need to review poverty line, says Mahathir

This follows claim by UN expert that the present evaluation doesn't reflect the true situation of the poor in the country.

Penang to carry out year-long study on need for second airport

A request for proposal will be sent out to interested parties next month to study all possibilities.

Save RM9 bil by replacing LRT with ART in Penang

The Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit is not only cheaper compared with the LRT, but also faster to instal.

Study finds dogs are 97% accurate when sniffing out lung cancer

A US study has revealed that Beagles may have the gift of detecting lung cancer.

Study in Malaysia, Dr M tells international scholars

The prime minister says foreign students can explore 'amazing' Malaysia with its many cultures, customs and traditions.

US researchers study self-weighing strategy to help prevent holiday weight gain

People are most susceptible to gaining weight during vacations and during the holidays.

Maszlee rejects having schools teach about religions

Sharing each other’s culture more appropriate than learning about all religions, says education minister.

Study: How smelling pleasant aromas could help smokers kick the habit

If you're trying to quit smoking, taking a sniff of lemon, vanilla or peppermint could offer a helping hand when it comes to resisting the urge to smoke.

Study: Spending time alone could be good for teens

The key factor as to whether solitude has a positive or negative effect on mental health is choice.

Give us more details, DPM says on study showing 80% teens...

Dr Wan Azizah says a 2014 study showed only 35% of those aged 13 to 24 were exposed to porn via the internet, smartphones and DVDs.

SPM results are almost here – what’s your next move?

Now's the best time to give some serious thought to what you want to further your studies in and where you would like to do it at.

Chimps’ cultural diversity threatened by humans, study says

Researchers have divided Chimpanzees into different communities with distinguished traits amongst each other.

Study: Taking a nap could help lower blood pressure

New European research has good news for midday nappers, finding that a nap may help lower blood pressure.

Sugary beverages linked to more severe symptoms for people with multiple...

New German research found that drinking soda and other sugar-sweetened drinks appear to be linked with more severe symptoms and disability in individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Resistance training thrice a week could lower type 2 diabetes risk

New Chinese research found combining resistance training with an aerobic workout could reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Study: Vaccine could virtually eliminate cervical cancer

Without screening and HPV vaccination, more than 44 million women will likely be diagnosed with the disease over the next 50 years.

Too much time sitting and watching TV linked to higher risk...

New international research has found that sedentary time spent sitting and watching TV may increase the risk of colorectal cancer, even in those under 50.

A healthy diet linked to reduced symptoms of depression

New UK research has found that improving your diet could also improve symptoms of depression.

Study: Women’s brains appear ‘years younger’ than men’s

Subjects ranged from their 20s to 80s, and across those age spans, women's brains appeared metabolically younger than men's.

Could sitting at the front of the class help kids learn?

The findings showed that students who sat at the front of the class learned better.