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SRC had to receive orders from PM after amendment to constitution,...

Suboh Md Yassin says SRC International was no longer an ordinary company governed by the Companies Act once Clause 117 was added to its Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Najib in fresh bid to attend Dewan Rakyat

His legal team says it will file a motion in the Court of Appeal to argue that an MP must be allowed to perform his statutory duty.

Ex-SRC director says unaware he is on witness protection programme

Suboh Md Yassin tells Najib Razak's corruption trial 'this is what the newspapers have been reporting'.

Witness admits giving contradictory statements on signatures to MACC

Former SRC director Suboh Md Yassin says he is now certain his signatures in bank transfer documents were forged or manipulated following a demonstration by the defence.

Court allows defence’s request for witness to refresh memory on MACC...

Former SRC International director Suboh Md Yassin says he might be able to recall whether the signatures on 17 documents were his if shown the statement he gave to MACC last year.

Ex-SRC CEO could have forged my signature, says witness

Former SRC director Suboh Md Yassin agrees that his signature could have been forged to transfer funds.

I was told to sign documents while on the run in...

Suboh Md Yassin says one document was to ratify Ihsan Perdana as SRC's CSR partner and the other was for payments to Ihsan Perdana.

Saya lari ke Bangkok apabila SRC jadi topik panas, kata bekas...

Seorang 'pegawai SPRM' yang tidak dapat dikenal pasti memberitahunya jangan pergi ke pejabat badan anti-rasuah itu.