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Sacking of Kayveas won’t affect BN or polls, says Subra

The MIC president says the party, as a BN component party, may be able to serve in those Indian communities which are presently the focus of myPPP.

Sg Siput bukan macam zaman ayah kamu, PSM beritahu anak Samy...

Pengundi sudah memerhati jenis kepimpinan PSM sejak 10 tahun lalu, kata Michael Jeyakumar yang melakukan kejutan apabila mengalahkan Samy Vellu pada 2008.

Jeyakumar to Vell Paari: Sg Siput voters have changed from your...

The incumbent MP welcomes the MIC leader's challenge but claims the voters now demand a different sort of representative than the one MIC can offer.

Samy’s son denies wanting to stand in dad’s former seat

He says he was only responding to a question on what he would do if offered the chance.

Bos MIC bakal dicabar ‘Datuk Seri’ dari PKR

PKR berkata parti itu berpeluang baik mengalahkan presiden MIC di Segamat, selepas gagal melalui bekas menteri kesihatan Chua Jui Meng.

Face me in Ipoh Barat, Kula dares Subra

DAP's four-term MP says it is only apt for the MIC president to face him in the constituency with the highest percentage of Indian voters.

MIC raises RM139,000 for widow whose husband died in Dubai

MIC leader says party is helping woman to repatriate her late husband's remains from Dubai hospital and settle his medical bill.

Uphill task for MIC in GE14, says Subramaniam

MIC president warns of a political fallout within the community if the party performs poorly in the next general election.

I’m staying put in Segamat for GE14, says Subra

MIC president says he will defend parliamentary seat he first won in 2004 general election, despite people telling him to switch to a 'safer seat'.

Malaysians consume too much salt

Health Minister Dr S Subramaniam blames the high salt intake on food like fried rice, nasi lemak, roti canai, meat soup and instant noodles.

Ministry: Rise in TB, leprosy cases in 2017

The increase in the number of TB cases is the result of the health screenings that have been carried out, says Health Minister Dr S Subramaniam.

MIC enggan tolak ansur, mahu bertanding di Cameron Highlands

Dr S Subramaniam berkata, MIC tidak akan mengadakan rundingan dengan parti komponen BN yang lain.

Warga emas dapat kerakyatan selepas lebih 10 cubaan

Pachaiamah Kolade, 70, mengucapkan terima kasih kepada kerajaan, tetapi beliau kesal suami dan 2 anaknya tidak dapat berkongsi kegembiraan bersamanya.

Minister: We’re probing fake infant formula claims

Health Minister Dr S Subramaniam says the investigation included seeing whether the milk content is artificial or otherwise.

Subra doubtful 1,548 doctors serving in UK

He says many of them may be aging doctors who had chosen to reside in the UK after completing their specialist training.

Subra: Checks found no drugs in original premixed coffee

The health minister says the contaminated packet was the one found in a rubbish bin and distributed by unknown persons.

AS1M records RM180 mil investments from Indians in 3 days

MIC president Dr S Subramaniam says party will intensify its promotion to achieve target of RM1.5 billion.

Beware of drug-laced coffee offered by strangers

Two more men fall victim to syndicate offering free coffee satchets, taking the number of patients to seven.

Subra dismisses report on MIC seat allocation

MIC president Dr S Subramaniam says report by FMT on movement of MIC leaders in GE14 is 'baseless speculation'.

Azalina: Respect apex court’s decision on unilateral conversion

The minister says the judges’ decision had taken into consideration racial harmony and the rights of parents under the law.

Subramaniam: No to kiddie pack cigarettes

It would go against the National Tobacco Policy and Article 8 of WHO's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control if the government agrees, says health minister.

Subra: More specialists in public hospitals quitting for higher pay

The health minister says among the moves taken to retain the doctors is the introduction of flexible working hours.

Court allows challenge against 949 army voters in Segamat

High Court grants 48 Segamat voters leave to challenge the Election Commission over its decision to allow voters from incomplete army camp being added to seat.

DAP: Despite Subra’s exuberance, Indians still suffering

Ipoh Barat MP Kulasegaran says MIC are now coming up with a trust fund idea which he had proposed in Parliament in 1999 but which MIC had then rejected.