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Kastam: Jangan kaitkan SST dengan kenaikan harga barang

Ketua pengarah kastam berkata, cukai hanya komponen kecil dan ada faktor lain yang menentukan harga barang.

Customs DG: Trust fund short of RM19.4 bil for GST refunds

T Subromaniam says Customs Department requested for RM82.9 billion in GST refunds but the full amount was not transferred to trust fund.

Firms under GST will be migrated to SST from Wednesday

Only manufacturers and service providers that reach a threshold value of RM500,000 a year will be taxed.

Customs denies sales tax not imposed on passenger vehicles

It says the exemption list uploaded on its website has been misinterpreted.

Traders must reduce prices after GST scrapped, says Customs

Customs DG urges traders not to exploit government’s announcement to zero-rate the GST.

Customs: Tax exemption also given during Mahathir’s administration

Customs director–general T Subromaniam blasts critics for not understanding the reason for GST exemption given to ECRL builder.

Zaman Mahathir pun tiada cukai untuk projek kerajaan, kata bos Kastam

Ketua Pengarah Kastam membidas mereka yang mempersoalkan langkah pengecualian cukai GST melibatkan projek kerajaan seperti ECRL.

Customs to probe possible ‘inside job’ in RM5m drug bust

Customs department chief T Subromaniam says incident raises red flags as 102kgs of methamphetamines slipped through klia2 before being taken to Sandakan in Sabah.

Customs DG: Over 5,000 firms cheated on GST

Subromaniam says the department has opened investigation papers against all the companies involved and some have already been charged in court.

Najib pertahan keputusan lantik Subromaniam KP Kastam

Najib berkata beliau berdiri teguh dengan keputusan itu kerana perlu berlaku adil di mana Subromaniam, orang yang paling kanan dan paling berkelayakan, wajar dilantik ke jawatan itu.

Najib defends appointment of Subromaniam as Customs DG

The prime minister says he stood his ground despite receiving petitions against Subromaniam's appointment.

Elephant tusks, pangolin scales worth RM80.5 million seized

Sabah Customs seize the three tons of elephant tusks and five tons of pangolin scales during a check on two containers declared as containing groundnuts at Sepanggar Port.

All Customs employees to take integrity test

Customs director-general T Subromaniam says the test will gauge the transparency attitude of an individual according to the job scope, especially for placement, promotion and to assess the personal ability of staff.

False GST claims? DAP rep says Customs insulting councils

Balakong representative Eddie Ng Tien Chee says department should get in touch with local authorities to seek additional proof if it doubts requests for refunds.

Customs denies owing RM36 million in GST refunds to 12 local...

Customs chief says the department did not refund the claims made by these local councils in Selangor as the documents submitted were dubious.

Announcement on tourism tax soon, says customs chief

Customs director-general Subromaniam Tholasy, however, provided no further details on what the announcement would entail.

Customs to place armed personnel at border checkpoints

The move is part of the department's efforts to strengthen border control and prevent untoward incidents, says D-G

Subromaniam ketua pengarah kastam baharu

Subromaniam menggantikan Datuk Seri Khazali Ahmad yang bersara.

Subromaniam is new Customs D-G

The new Customs director-general takes over from Khazali Ahmad.

Customs to collect RM3 billion extra in GST in 2017

It says its enforcement approach adopted before seemed ineffective and it will now adopt a more customer-friendly strategy, based on education