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RM1.8 bil subsidies for padi farmers too costly, says Dr M

The prime minister says Putrajaya needs to study how to increase the productivity of farmers in order to increase their income without burdening consumers.

US considers duties on countries that undervalue currency says Commerce Dept.

'This change puts foreign exporters on notice that the Department of Commerce can countervail currency subsidies that harm US industries,' says Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

Perform haj only if you can afford it, Mujahid tells pilgrims

The minister says reducing the subsidy will help the government reduce RM400 million in costs.

China regrets WTO ruling in favour of US on subsidies

As the world's top two economies try to hammer out an agreement to settle a long-running trade row that has rattled global markets, the decision to favour US has already been made.

China to offer subsidies on cars, appliances to lift weak demand

Beijing has pledged to speed up the commercial use of 5G technology in 2019 and become a manufacturing powerhouse.

IDEAS: Subsidies for paddy farmers miss the mark

The think tank’s study shows that large farms are enjoying the benefits of subsidies more than the smallholders.

Why the drastic cut in allocations for farmers, fishermen, asks PH...

Pasir Gudang MP Hassan Abdul Karim says the onus is on the agriculture minister to protect the interest of farmers and fishermen.

New approach needed to tackle poverty

We have been spending too much time dispensing assistance and subsidies instead of formulating and implementing strategies to correct distortions and grow the economy.

What has PH govt done for Malaysians, asks Najib

The former prime minister criticises his successor for making insulting remarks that subsidies have made people unable to think and fend for themselves.

Merkel: Subsidies for electric cars can’t last forever

Germany wants to increase electric car sales, especially in the wake of a diesel emissions cheating scandal that has engulfed the auto industry in the last three years.

Najib explains why he told Mahathir ‘cash is king’

The former prime minister says he had not meant giving money as a bribe when he said this.

Come clean on fuel subsidies, Finance Ministry urged

Umno Youth wonders if the RM3 billion allocation for fuel subsidies would be enough, as PKR's Rafizi Ramli has said RM1.4 billion has already been spent.

Rafizi: Putrajaya spent RM1.4 bil in fuel subsidies since May 9

The PKR vice-president says the Pakatan Harapan government has returned 78% of extra revenue from higher global oil prices to the people.

China weighs further cuts in electric-car subsidies

The average purchase incentive per electric vehicle may be lowered by more than a third from the 2018 levels, said the people, who asked not to be identified disclosing information that isn’t public.

Exco man: Give fishermen subsidy cards instead of cash

Dr Afif Bahardin says cost-of-living allowances should be stopped and a subsidy card should be provided for food and another for fuel.

Between GST and SST: Tax holiday eases fears of inflation

The scrapping of the GST, which will only be replaced by the SST in September, is putting downward pressure on inflation and giving Bank Negara scope to keep interest rates on hold.

Diverting aid money to fund: Returns will take time, says economist

Economist Barjoyai Bardai says former finance minister Daim Zainuddin's proposal for an investment fund, in which subsidies and aid allocations are diverted, is suitable as a long-term plan.

Beware populist policies and rash pronouncements

Malaysia’s equities and ringgit value will plunge if our credit ratings deteriorate due to the absence of viable concrete replacement plans for populist policies.

More BR1M, no KR1M, that’s Ameer’s aid formula

New federal government is urged to make changes so that people who get aid payments will spend it on necessities.

New finance minister Guan Eng seen as safe pick as budget...

Lim Guan Eng’s main priority will be to reassure investors he can carry through Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s populist spending pledges without increasing government debt.

Fuel prices stay the same

The price per litre of RON95 remains at RM2.20, RON97 is RM2.47 and diesel is at RM2.18.

Is fuel being subsidised on the quiet, asks Rafizi

The PKR vice-president says it is strange that there has been no change in retail prices for the past four weeks despite rising world crude oil prices.

Argentines take to streets to protest utility rate hikes

President Mauricio Macri has been continuously cutting gas and electricity subsidies in Argentina.

How a Wednesday polling date brought Malaysians together

In less than a week, pulangmengundi.com has attracted more than 4,000 donors and 2,000 carpool drivers to help mobilise voters for the midweek polls.