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Tag: success

What Avengers: Endgame can teach you about life, business and finances

Being successful requires you to be proactive. Know your options. Build a strong team. Learn from your mistakes.

Car versus property: Time to focus on what really matters

Time to reconsider if buying a car that depreciates in value is better than buying a property that appreciates in value.

Achieve the billionaire mindset

It takes an innovative idea and sound financial management to make it rich.

Malaysia meet 2-gold target at Special Olympics World Games

Muhammad Haziq Rizal won the gold medal in the equestrian B1 dressage event on Tuesday.

Personal branding experts and their climb to success

Besides multinational corporations, some individuals have used personal branding to create a name for themselves - literally and figuratively.

Making a success of your entrepreneurial endeavour

If you've ever thought of starting your own business, then learn how to stay on top of things and leverage on the strength of your team members.

Effective techniques to motivate you on your health goals

From identifying your intrinsic motivation to setting SMART goals and rewarding yourself for small wins, the will to change for the better is within every individual.

PM says will cancel contracts, licences of Bumiputeras who don’t deliver

Saying it is no use talking about ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ if they remain ‘coolies’, Mahathir Mohamad reminds Bumiputeras not to sell licences and contracts given to them to non-Bumiputeras.

Here’s the secret to Fortnite’s success: fully charged

The game seemed to come out of nowhere, but it was carefully planned, almost alchemic in its formulation, by one of the most experienced and celebrated studios in the business.

Effective evening routines that make all the difference

Stressed out during the day and wake up unrested the next morning? Here are amazingly easy ways to unwind and stay rested and rejuvenated.

Little Uruguay punch above weight yet again

Uruguay have again defied the odds to make a deep World Cup run.

Signs self-employment isn’t right for you

Many believe being your own boss gives one a better quality of life but the contrary may be true.

4 successful women who overcame rejection

Despite being fired from their job, dropped from their recording label or told to undergo plastic surgery, these women followed their dreams to become successful.

North Korean state media hails Kim-Trump summit success

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un were splashed across North Korea's official party newspaper on Wednesday as state media hailed Tuesday's historic summit between the two.

Drake, reigning on singles chart, announces album

Drake, who separately put out a picture of a necklace with a scorpion pendant, did not reveal an exact release date or other details.

From Kampar to New York, Rupa set to take over US...

Rupa Shanmugam, a former student of FIT in Kuala Lumpur, was last month honoured in the US for being an inspiration to women.

‘No jerks!’ – the secret to Norway’s Olympic success

Their success owes much to a quaintly egalitarian approach based on camaraderie and bonhomie - from grassroots all the way to Olympic level.

Mahathir’s stinging appraisal of work ethics among Malays

He says a country can only progress if their people work hard, but that's not the case in Malaysia.

Malaysia a success story, says former Bank Negara deputy governor

Arshad Ayub says it is, however, time to return to the drawing board to review the achievements and failures, including national economic policies.

CEO: Malaysia Airlines may become biggest turnaround in history

Peter Bellew says it will certainly be the greatest turnaround in aviation history, as the airline, which was struggling after two tragedies in 2014 is getting back among the clouds again with better passenger loads.

The untold story of a not-so-successful woman

The 'successful woman' takes on many forms and is not confined to top executives alone.

Kelantanese goes from flipping burgers to owning a restaurant

Hard work and openness key to Maliki Mustofa’s successful transformation from part-time hawker to restaurant owner.

S Jeyaraj, a story of one man’s grit and determination

Disabled man launches guidebook for benefit of wheelchair-bound people and their loved ones.