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Sudan’s Bashir got US$90 mil from Saudi royal family members

Former Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir faces a raft of charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide from the International Criminal Court over his role in the Darfur war.

Sudanese celebrate transition to civilian rule

The constitutional declaration formalises the creation of a transitional administration that will be guided by an 11-member sovereign council.

7 maut, lebih 10 rumah runtuh akibat hujan lebat di Sudan

Hujan lebat menyebabkan banyak rumah runtuh dan jalan raya utama terputus di negeri Gezira di Sudan tengah.

80 more migrants rescued as Richard Gere shines light on plight

The migrants, mainly Sudanese men and adolescents, were picked up by the Ocean Viking ship off the coast of Libya.

Sudan generals, protest leaders ink constitutional declaration

The deal on a constitutional declaration is the fruit of difficult negotiations between the leaders of mass protests which erupted last December.

Sudanese factions agree on plan for transitional government

Citizens welcomed the news by gathering on the Nile street, honking car horns and ululating in celebration.

Sudan claims 87 killed when troops broke up protest

Live ammunition were fired at protestors in Sudan's capital on June 3 by the military forces resulting in the deaths of 87 people.

Images of since-‘erased’ Sudanese protest art shown in London

Much of their revolutionary street art was reportedly destroyed and now all that's left are photographs of their work.

Sudan military council, opposition reach power-sharing agreement

All sides agree to establish a sovereign council by rotation between the military and civilians for a period of three years.

Majlis tentera Sudan terima cadangan kongsi kuasa

Setakat ini pembangkang Sudan belum memberikan reaksi balas terhadap cadangan perkongsian kuasa itu

PBB: Lebih 1/2 juta pelarian Sudan kembali ke tanah air

Ia berikutan krisis politik semakin pulih dan penduduk yang selama ini terpaksa melarikan diri memutuskan kini adalah masa sesuai untuk pulang.

Sudan court orders company to end military-ordered internet blackout

Telecoms operator Zain Sudan is to restore internet access to the country immediately after a court order was issued.

UN slams Sudan protesters for attacks on Darfur premises

Protesters ransacked the offices of the two agencies, stole money and damaged vehicles.

Sudan’s Bashir charged on corruption in first public appearance

Sudan's prosecution accuses Omar al-Bashir of possession of foreign currency and accepting gifts in an unofficial manner.

Ousted Sudan president to be sent for trial soon

The charges are related to laws on 'suspected illicit wealth and emergency orders'.

Kesemua rakyat Malaysia di Sudan selamat, kata Wisma Putra

Kedutaan Malaysia di Khartoum berhubung rapat dengan kesemua 48 rakyat Malaysia yang berada di negara itu, termasuk 26 pelajar.

US joins diplomatic push to salvage agreement in Sudan

The military and opposition groups agree to resume talks on the formation of a transitional council.

Shops reopen as Sudan protesters agree to talks with generals

Diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis got a boost as the US assistant secretary of state for African affairs, Tibor Nagy, arrived in Khartoum.

Sudan ‘civil disobedience’ campaign enters day two

The disobedience campaign comes a week after a deadly raid on protesters in the capital left dozens dead.

China, Russia block UN action on Sudan

China and Russia block a bid at the UN Security Council to condemn the killing of civilians in Sudan.

60 dead in crackdown on Sudan protesters

A two-day crackdown in Sudan carried out by its security forces results in the deaths of 60 people.

Sudan’s military scraps deal with protest groups

Sudan's ruling military council cancels all agreements with the main opposition coalition and calls for elections within nine months.

13 dead as Sudan military rulers break up sit-in

Heavily armed security forces in pick-up trucks mounted with machine guns were deployed in large numbers all around the capital.

Sudan talks end with no accord on ruling body as ‘dispute’...

Sudanese army rulers and protesters have failed to reach an agreement yet again on the make-up of a new ruling body as negotiations.