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Jamal sues Sabak Bernam land office over resort closure

The Sungai Besar Umno division chief claims the forced closure of his Sekinchan hotel-resort was politically motivated and demands RM140,000 in damages.

Muhyiddin’s challenge a publicity stunt, says Hisham

Umno vice-president says accusations made should be based on facts and supported by evidence.

Raja Petra to Muhyiddin: Sue to prove your innocence

Blogger challenges former DPM to sue the woman he is alleged to have had an affair with.

Ismail Sabri: Kit Siang is racist, sue me

Minister says he never called Lim anti-Islam and says he will counter-sue if the DAP stalwart sues him.

Mukhriz: Why I am suing Tengku Sariffuddin

Mukhriz Mahathir says allegations by Tengku Sariffuddin are baseless and are an attempt to deflect attention from the 1MDB scandal.

Onus on politicians, not journalists to sue about inaccuracy

Centre for Independent Journalism says AG's proposal that journalists sue politicians who claim they are misquoted, does not protect journalists from police action.

Kayveas: PM can sue for defamation, but should let it be

myPPP president says lawsuits are a waste of time and money.

Wan Shades sues Rotikaya blog owner for defamation

Singer says the blog published a defamatory article implying that he had raped his own step-daughter although he didn’t have such a step-daughter.

Salleh: Dr M’s suit against Najib shows desperation

Communications and Multimedia Minister says former premier has run out of options and political channels.

Families to sue over glass shards

Families of pupils who fell sick after noodle meal reckon legal action will serve as a lesson for all school canteen operators.