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Singapore world’s first to ban sugary drink ads

Highly sweet beverages must also carry label to signal they are unhealthy.

FGV revenue down by half in 2nd quarter

Company attributes it to losses in its sugar business and lower crude palm oil prices but expects to do better by end of the year.

Cotton’s appeal dims in top producer as farmers prefer sugar

Competition from other crops shrinks the planted area in Pakistan’s biggest growing province, a government official says.

Nestle finds new way to make chocolate without adding sugar

The food and beverage industry is under pressure from consumers and governments to make healthier products.

Sugar output in India seen sinking to 3-year low on dry...

Sugar output in India may drop to a three-year low next season from a record as dry weather shrivels cane plants in some major growing areas of the country.

8 Sarawak F&B manufacturers get permit to import sugar

They are able to save 10% to 20% in production costs compared to buying sugar from Malaysia's two refineries.

PotonGuler: ‘Sugarless’ sweeteners for teh tarik lovers

Have as many cups of your favourite beverage with this 'revamped' condensed milk sweetener - but without the fear of consuming too much white sugar.

FGV to focus more on downstream activities due to weak CPO...

The company recorded a profit before interest and tax of RM78 million in the first quarter of the year, a 19% decline compared with the previous corresponding period.

Australia goes sour on sugar as China and India feed sweet...

People are now shifting to a much more healthier lifestyle as they shift to a low sugar diet. 

Sweet-toothed millennial’s seduce Malaysian company to China

MSM’s wager on China follows a tumultuous time for the global sugar market.

Study: Poor diet linked to 1 in 5 deaths globally

People are also eating far too few whole grains, fruit, nuts and seeds to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sugary beverages linked to more severe symptoms for people with multiple...

New German research found that drinking soda and other sugar-sweetened drinks appear to be linked with more severe symptoms and disability in individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Cut palm oil tariff and we will buy your sugar, Indonesia...

Jakarta asks for 5% cut in India's import tax to match 45% tariff that New Delhi charges on products from Malaysia.

Listen to that crunch! Sinfully good Kuih Cakar Ayam

Using only three basic ingredients, these traditional cookies are super easy to make.

Makmur Cookies: Decadently delicious

Also referred to as Ghee Cookies, these balls are coated in milk powder and icing sugar in the final stage, for that extra oomph.

New study links drinking soda with higher risk of kidney disease

The new study also contributes to the growing body of evidence of the negative health consequences of drinking sugar-sweetened beverages.

No more monopoly on sugar imports, says Chong

Food and beverage manufacturers will benefit the most as they may be able to get sugar at a lower price elsewhere.

In Mauritius, sugar cane means money, renewable energy

Electricity from sugar cane accounts for 14% of the island's needs and nearly a quarter of daily consumption when combined with solar, wind and hydro sources.

Protests as Sri Lanka cuts tax on sugary drinks

The lower sugar tax comes on top of reductions in fuel prices and income taxes this week.

Are sweetened drinks worse for us than other sugary foods?

New research suggests that sugar found in sweetened beverages could increase the risk of type 2 diabetes more than sugars found in other foods.

Understanding the 4 types of diabetic neuropathy

60-70% of diabetics experience some form of neuropathy, which is a type of nerve damage caused by long-term high blood sugar levels.

Bitter taste for Cuba as it imports sugar for the first...

Cuba has been obsessed with diversifying its economy and making it less dependent on sugar exports, but that has led to underinvestment.

Diabetes: Are you ready to change your habits?

Having diabetes may seem like a world of never-ending restrictions but the good news is that even a tiny change can make a huge impact on your health.

‘Soda tax a step in the right direction but not a...

Unicef and WHO say other measures are needed to tackle obesity in Malaysia, such as education strategies, subsidies on health food and food marketing regulations.