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Tag: suggestions

11th Malaysia Plan review: What reformasi agenda?

Limiting the terms of office for the prime minister and chief ministers could have been announced during the 100 days and has little to do with the overall course of the 11MP.

Compel spouses of ministers, MPs to declare assets, C4 tells AG

C4 gives Tommy Thomas a list of suggestions on improving governance in Malaysia, including addressing scandals other than 1MDB and repealing the Official Secrets Act.

Some suggestions for our new health minister

Ensure the independence of the Malaysian Medical Council, overhaul hospital infrastructure, and relook human resource distribution, among others.

No need to pay compensation? Really? Guan Eng asks Teng

CM reminds Penang BN chairman that this was a contract to build a tunnel and not a mere MoU.

Study shows KTM running out of steam

Only the Electric Train Service is saving KTM and the future looks bleak for the traditional train service, says the Penang Institute, in offering suggestions on how KTM can shunt its way to recovery.

Zaid: PH manifesto must ensure leaders never enrich themselves

The former minister says the only meaningful promise in the Pakatan Harapan election manifesto will be about how to deal with kleptocracy and to ensure there is no such recurrence.

‘Rakyat Responz’ mobile app for channelling complaints

Minister Paul Low says the mobile app will help the public facilitate direct channelling of any issue or complaint.