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Tag: suicide

Australia election triggers refugee suicide attempts

Unhappy over Scott Morrison's less lenient government towards refugees in comparison to a favourable Labor Party, results in attempted suicides among refugee community.

Deadly Instagram: Who is to blame?

Children should be taught to empathise with those facing mental health problems.

Girl’s suicide seen as wake-up call for better mental health services

A think tank says those seeking tighter internet laws are missing the point.

Family and friends got me through bouts of depression, says Syed...

The youth and sports minister says a good support system was necessary to ensure good mental health in society.

MCMC, cops to see whether cyberbullying laws need tightening

Minister Gobind Singh Deo says his ministry will amend laws if it becomes necessary following case of Sarawak girl killing herself after conducting Instagram poll.

Instagram says suicide poll may have violated guidelines

Head of public policy Karina Newton and head of product Vishal Shah say they are looking into the nature of the content violations but will not speculate on possible action.

Syed Saddiq wants ‘honest’ discussion on mental health after teen’s suicide

Minister says he will start the ball rolling by hosting a dialogue this Friday on this growing mental health issue.

Those who incited girl to commit suicide liable to 20 years’...

It states that under Penal Code, it is wrong to incite someone aged below 18 to commit suicide.

UK’s ITV axes ‘Jeremy Kyle Show’ after death of participant

Popular British tabloid TV programme 'The Jeremy Kyle Show' has been cancelled by broadcaster ITV following the suicide of 63-year-old participant Steven Dymond who participated in the show in a lie detector test a week prior to his death. The episode featuring Dymond never aired.

Bangladesh Rana Plaza rescue hero commits suicide

Nowshad Hasan Himu was suffering from a bout of depression and had been traumatised by the Rana Plaza disaster.

Cops suspect woman smothered by husband

The body of the deceased was found on the bed in their rented house while her husband was found hanging from a beam.

Gun that Van Gogh killed himself with goes up for sale

So did Vincent Van Gogh really kill himself or was he shot by accident? The mystery has begun.

Hemingway legacy writes unifying chapter for US, Cuba: lawmaker

The legendary writer's home in Cuba may be part of his legacy to bring the two nations together.

Paris Jackson slams reports of suicide attempt

Celebrity news website TMZ reported the 20-year-old model was hospitalised after a suicide attempt at her Los Angeles home.

Instagram tightens rules on self-injury images

The move came after the British Health Secretary met with social media companies about doing more to safeguard the mental health of teenagers using their platforms.

Suicide rate falls by a third globally, data shows

The World Health Organization lists suicide as a critical public health issue and estimates at least 800,000 people kill themselves every year.

US life expectancy drops again as overdoses, suicides climb

The drug overdose rate rose 9.6% compared to 2016, while suicides climbed 3.7%.

Wong Chen backs deletion of attempted suicide from crime list

The Subang Jaya MP calls for a holistic mental health law and a good budget for treatment and rehabilitation.

Suicidal man met DAP MP before KLCC mall drama

It is understood that he had wanted Lim Lip Eng to accompany him to lodge a police report.

Man arrested for suicide attempt from top floor of KLCC mall

Police and fire brigade personnel spent two hours trying to convince the man not to jump.

Juventus apologise for China ‘suicide’ condolence message

The Serie A giants issued a message of condolence on China's Twitter-like Weibo in response to a post on the platform claiming that a fanatical supporter had committed suicide following a row online about striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

French poet’s suicide letter goes under hammer

Best known for his collection of poems Les Fleurs du mal (The Flowers of Evil), Baudelaire was 24 at the time he wrote the letter to his mistress Jeanne Duval in June 1845.

Make cyberbullying a serious offence, says criminologist

USM's P Sundramoorthy says cyberbullying should be classified as a serious offence and punished as such.

Depression made Fury ‘want to die’

Tyson Fury's depression almost drove him to commit suicide.