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Another 3 MPs to challenge Umno’s breach of contract suits

The MPs for Mersing, Sabak Bernam and Setiu have informed the court they will contest Umno suits seeking RM200,000 each from them.

Perda sues former head and board members over 2 land deals

Perda chairman Haniff Khatri Abdulla says the authority has uncovered 11 other cases of mismanagement.

Dowdy no more: Men in suits storm back into style

This week a most unexpected thing has been happening on Paris men's catwalks -- the stuffy old suit has come back.

Najib dropped suit because of new strategy, says source

A source says the former prime minister's withdrawal of legal action against three top government officials is part of his lawyers' plans to prove his innocence in the SRC International case.

Lawyer: Najib’s retraction of 1MDB suits raises more questions

S N Nair feels the former prime minister will also settle all remaining actions because his opponents are on a stronger footing to prove their cases or successfully raise justification as a defence.

Meghan Markle ties the knot — but not with Prince Harry

Markle fans who can't wait until the actress walks down the aisle next month can tune into the seventh season finale of the legal drama "Suits".

Where is freedom of expression, asks Gerakan leader facing 3 suits...

Penang Gerakan's Jason Loo says summonses have shaken him up because he thought CM would respect opposition's role of providing check and balance.

Anwar is public spirited citizen for filing seven suits, say lawyers

As prisoner, Anwar Ibrahim has the distinction of filing the most number of public interest cases.

Should PM recuse himself from appointing Judicial Appointment Commission members?

Ex-judge and a lawyer concur that Najib Razak should delegate his authority to a minister while another counsel feels the PM can do the appointments even though he is involved in several cases before the courts.

‘Najib may take up one test case and sue’

Lawyer Hafarizam Harun says PM may take up one defamation case and then "see how it develops" as part of strategic approach in suing.