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Tag: Sultan Ibrahim

Sultan Ibrahim pamer bakat terpendam buat karipap

Sultan Ibrahim berkongsi di laman Facebook rasmi beberapa keping gambar ketika membuat karipap.

Johor PPBM leaders to have audience with Sultan Ibrahim

The meeting involves division chiefs and comes two days after an Umno delegation met the ruler.

‘Nothing peculiar’ in Johor Umno’s breakfast with Sultan

Palace official says PKR leaders had attended the Sultan's open house on Thursday, while Umno leaders say they were unable to attend that day.

Don’t meddle in Johor Islamic affairs, warns TMJ

He also reminds politicians speaking in mosques or suraus not to lace their talks with politics.

State assembly can always reject sultan’s man, says Dr M

The prime minister writes on the power of the sultan in appointing the menteri besar, as an uneasiness continues over the Johor exco line-up.

Dr M kecewa exco dirombak selepas percakaran terbuka dengan istana Johor

Tindakan Menteri Besar Johor yang baru, Sahruddin Jamal merombak barisan exco negeri itu tidak diterima baik pimpinan PPBM.

Exco line-up snub upsets Dr M after open spat with Johor...

New MB Sahruddin Jamal's reshuffling of the Johor exco line-up did not sit well with top party leaders.

Stop making up stories to confuse people, Johor ruler tells Putrajaya

Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar says the government should focus on improving the economy instead.

Johor ruler demands speedy action against those who dumped chemical waste

He says the chemical had made at least 260 people, including students, sick and some were fighting for their lives.

Johor crown prince thanks Mahathir for visit

Tunku Ismail looks forward to working together with the government for the progress of the nation.

Johor sultan, Dr M agree to be frank with each other

We agreed that in future if there are problems, I can call Tuanku, says the prime minister.

Dr M bertemu Sultan Johor pada Khamis, kata sumber

Sejak Pakatan Harapan mengetuai kerajaan, ia merupakan kali pertama Dr Mahathir diterima bertemu Sultan Ibrahim.

Sultan Ibrahim: Tahfiz centres must be monitored

Sultan Ibrahim Almarhum Sultan Iskandar says any tahfiz centre which flouts the rules must be closed immediately.

Sultan Ibrahim setuju penubuhan Universiti Johor

Universiti Johor akan memperkenalkan konsep 'Quadruple Helix' iaitu kerjasama universiti, industri, kerajaan dan komuniti.

Johor Sultan: I don’t want state assembly to be a ‘circus’

He wants speaker to carry out his duties effectively to ensure the assembly proceedings are orderly and conform to rules.

Anwar dan anak berkunjung ke istana Johor

Gambar ketua umum PH itu di Istana Pasir Pelangi dikongsi dalam Facebook rasmi Sultan Ibrahim.

PPBM’s Osman Sapian is new Johor MB

Osman takes his oath as the 16th menteri besar and the first from Pakatan Harapan.

Jangan tunggu, lantik PM sekarang, Sultan Johor beritahu Istana Negara

Sultan Ibrahim yang sebelum ini mengkritik Dr Mahathir berkata kepentingan rakyat mengatasi kepentingan dirinya.

Beware of ‘forked tongue’ man, says TMJ in veiled attack on...

Crown prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim makes a reference to Pakatan Harapan's rally in Pasir Gudang on Friday, saying voters should let the palace fix problems facing Umno.

Tunku Laksamana Johor Cancer Centre opens in 2020

It will be built in Iskandar Puteri and led by Singapore-headquartered healthcare specialist Asian American Medical Group.

Don’t play up race and religion at GE14, says Johor sultan

The ruler urges the people to remain united despite differences in their political ideologies.

Nazri meets Johor royal family, seeks forgiveness

Johor Southern Tigers Facebook page says tourism minister sought sultan's views and suggestions on national governance for future.

Nur Jazlan: Tiada tempat untuk politik perkauman di Johor

Timbalan menteri dalam negeri itu berkata, pertumbuhan ekonomi yang pesat di Johor juga adalah hasil keharmonian kaum di negeri itu.

Johor Sultan, son attend Thaipusam celebration in JB

Johor royalty were joined by non-Hindus who witnessed thousands of Hindu devotees perform religious rituals in Sri Subramaniar temple in Johor Bahru.