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There is no ‘Team Muhyiddin’ in my new exco, says new...

He says there needs to be a balance between the federal government and the palace, and he will try to resolve all issues.

New Johor exco lineup likely to be announced tomorrow

Johor Pakatan Harapan chairman Muhyiddin Yassin says the list has received the nod from the Johor Sultan.

I’ll do my best to bring Johor forward, says new MB...

He also says he will speed up the appointment of new excos.

Johor sultan consents to appointment of new MB

The swearing-in ceremony will be held at Istana Bukit Serene in Johor Bahru tomorrow morning, says the state secretary.

Johor Sultan grants audience to Osman

The meeting took place at Istana Pasir Pelangi in Johor Bahru.

Sultan tiada kuasa budi bicara mutlak lantik MB, kata peguam

Jawatan menteri besar Johor kosong berikutan peletakan jawatan Osman Sapian Isnin lalu.

Osman to explain why he quit on Saturday

Former MB says he will make a statement after an audience with the Johor ruler.

Sultan of Selangor worries over threat to Islam by deviant groups

He says 45 deviant teachings have been discovered by the Selangor Mufti Department until December last year.

Palace announces Tengku Abdullah as Pahang sultan

He will be proclaimed as the sixth Sultan of Pahang on Jan 15

Perak Exco in the dark over tycoon’s claims of palace interference

Exco member Asmuni Awi says Koon Yew Yin has already been appointed as one of the state economic advisers a few months ago.

Sultan raises concern over flash floods in Selangor

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah wants the state Town and Country Planning Department to look into the problem.

Individu baru mengaku ‘Sultan Melaka’ jadi gurauan netizen

Individu itu mendakwa lama mendiamkan diri dan kini kembali bersuara sebagai pemerintah Melaka.

Kadir kata sultan ‘berkempen’ halang Dr M pengetahuan umum

Editor veteran berkata rakyat berhak mengetahui tindak balas Agong terhadap keputusan mereka memilih PH.

Johor exco: Councillor’s letter was also in Malay

Tan Hong Pin says only Chinese and English letters from Iskandar Puteri city councillor were spread on social media.

Malaysian mosques of remarkable architecture

Whether bearing Mogul, Arab or colonial era influences, many of the mosques in Malaysia are architectural delights steeped in history.

Set up RCI to probe judicial interference claim, urges Karpal’s son

Ramkarpal Singh says allegation points to serious decay in judiciary which cannot be allowed to continue at all costs.

Penyelidik temui makam dipercayai milik Sultan Mudzafar Shah I

Tinjauan pada lewat Jun lalu menemukan penyelidik dengan kewujudan Langgar atau Makam Diraja Kota Bukit Meriam seperti yang disebutkan dalam At-Tarikh Salasilah.

Johor Sultan: I don’t want state assembly to be a ‘circus’

He wants speaker to carry out his duties effectively to ensure the assembly proceedings are orderly and conform to rules.

Who becomes MB is up to assemblymen, says ex-judge

Their choice will be in line with the state constitution, says Gopal Sri Ram.

Why submit 3 names for post of Selangor MB, lawyer asks...

Lawyer R Kengadharan says strict adherence of the Selangor constitution is necessary if one is determined to uphold rule of law.

Khalid Samad freed of sedition charge

The Sessions Court says Khalid Samad was merely making suggestions to improve the Selangor religious council.

Anwar slams critics over meetings with sultans

The PKR de facto leader says his meetings with the sultans were all made known to Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Mahathir has audience with Kedah sultan

People of all races greet Mahathir and his wife on arrival at Sultan Abdul Halim Airport in Alor Setar.

What’s your stand on Pedra Branca, ex-MB asks Johor govt

Mohamed Khaled Nordin says Pedra Branca belongs to Malaysia and the ICJ challenge should continue.