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Modi tells Xi summit will launch ‘new era’ for India and...

Modern rivalry between the two countries dates back to decades ago over territory disputes and border standoffs.

Threat of ‘Great Fracture’ emerges between US and China

China warns the US against giving up decades of engagement.

US wants ‘rapid’ Indian easing of Kashmir restrictions

The US hopes to see rapid action in the lifting of restrictions and the release of detainees in Kashmir.

US won’t allow chemical attack by Assad’s forces to go unchallenged

The US says it will continue to pressure the Assad regime to end violence directed at Syrian civilians.

All deals are off if Israel annexes territory, warns Palestine’s president

Mahmud Abbas says Palestine has a right to defend its rights by all possible means.

First let me take a selfie, El Salvador’s president tells UN

A couple of images on Instagram can have more impact than any speech delivered in this assembly, says Nayib Bukele.

Trump blasts tech firms, cryptocurrencies at ‘free speech’ summit

Trump lambasts cryptocurrencies and demands companies to seek a banking charter and make themselves subject to US and global regulations.

Uighur leader urges G20 pressure to end China ‘genocide’

Kadeer says Uighur culture can vanish if "strong actions" are not taken by China's trading partners.

North Korea ‘executed’ officials after failed Trump summit

Some previous South Korean reports of North Korean purges and executions have later proved inaccurate.

India’s Modi to host China’s Xi for informal summit

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will host Chinese President Xi Jinping this year for an informal summit after meeting several times over the past year to try to defuse tension.

Kim, Trump meet for 2nd day of summit talks

The 1st historic summit in Singapore produced little more than a vaguely worded document committing to 'complete denuclearisation'.

Trump heads for Kim summit touting N.Korea denuclearisation benefits

The two sides might be able to agree to a formal end of the Korean War, which the North has long called for as a major step towards normalising ties.

Trump dangles ‘major power’ carrot as Kim begins trek to Vietnam...

Images from North Korean state media shows citizens cheering the state leader as he waved from the train at the start of what could be a 60-hour journey to the Vietnamese capital.

North Korean leader rides train on way to Vietnam

The train's crossing into China follows days of speculation over Kim's secretive travel plans to Hanoi.

Trump, Kim impersonators held for questioning by Hanoi police

About 10 police officers showed up at a local TV station where they were giving an interview, and told them to stop making media appearances or risk being deported.

Vietnam readying for Kim train arrival next week

The leaders are slated to meet in Hanoi on February 27-28 to follow up on their first meeting last June in Singapore.

North Korea’s US envoy arrives in Hanoi ahead of Trump-Kim summit

It will be the second face-to-face for Kim and Trump after a summit in Singapore in June.

Japan’s Abe to ask Trump to raise abductees in Kim talks

Shinzo Abe is seeking to resolve the deeply emotive issue of Japanese nationals kidnapped by North Korean agents during the Cold War era to train Pyongyang's spies.

Speculation swirls over Kim’s travel plans for Hanoi summit

Reports and sources suggest that Kim Jong-un will make his way to the Hanoi summit either by train or by car.

Kim Jong Un to arrive in Vietnam on Feb 25 ahead...

Sources say Kim will meet with Vietnamese officials when he arrives in Hanoi.

Trump says North Korea talks productive, summit will be in Hanoi

Trump says his representatives have just left North Korea after a very productive meeting and an agreed upon time and date for the second Summit with Kim Jong Un.

Seoul welcomes planned second Trump-Kim summit, says presidential office

A spokesman for President Moon Jae-in says they expect the planned North-US summit would be a turning point in establishing a permanent peace regimen on the Korean peninsula.

Vietnam willing to host Trump-Kim summit

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc open to facilitate the next summit of the two leaders.

Pompeo: US to host global summit on Iran

The United States is organising an international summit in Poland next month to focus on Iran's Middle Eastern influence.