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Elon Musk’s ‘Starman’ makes its first complete orbit around the Sun

At the time of orbit completion, Starman and his Roadster had reportedly travelled over 1.22 billion kilometres.

Sun exposure: Is it dangerous or good?

While many worry about developing skin cancer, exposure to the sun also helps our body produce much-needed Vitamin D.

After technical delay, Nasa to try again launching Sun probe

The car-sized probe is designed to give scientists a better understanding of solar wind and geomagnetic storms that risk wreaking chaos on Earth by knocking out the power grid.

NASA counts down to launch of first spacecraft to “touch the...

The car-sized solar probe is scheduled to blast off from Cape Canaveral, Florida early Saturday - the main goal is to unveil secrets of the corona, the unusual atmosphere around sun.

Nasa poised to launch first Sun-skimming spaceship

After the Parker Solar Probe blasts off from Cape Canaveral, Florida on August 11, it will become the first spacecraft ever to fly through the Sun's scorching atmosphere, known as the corona.

Sun safety: the experts give their tips on how sunscreen can...

To help you stay safe in the sun this summer here we round up some advice from the experts and break down some of the myths about sunscreen.

Ultra-thin sun shield could protect Great Barrier Reef

The World Heritage-listed site, which attracts millions of tourists each year, is reeling from significant bouts of coral bleaching due to warming sea temperatures linked to climate change.

Doctors endorse counseling of children, young adults to prevent skin cancer

The proposed counselling would include advice on sunscreen use, protective clothing, protection against UV rays, and adequate amounts of sun exposure.

View solar eclipse tomorrow from National Planetarium

Special programme at planetarium to kindle interest in natural phenomenon in skies happening from 7.30am till 9.30am tomorrow.