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Green group sounds alarm over heavy metal pollution in Sg Petani

Persatuan Tindakan Alam Sekitar Sungai Petani says lab tests show high levels of toxic metals dumped near a residential area.

11-year-old appeals to health minister to put a stop to haze

Boy who missed football practice for 3 weeks frustrated over poor air quality.

Out-of-touch MPs are the real political saboteurs

The inaction over the pollution in Sungai Petani, Kedah, shows that a serious communication problem exists between MPs and their ministers in Putrajaya.

Group invites MP for meeting over Sg Petani air pollution

This follows remarks by Johari Abdul that Persatuan Tindakan Alam Sekitar Sungai Petani never asked him for a meeting.

Mari bincang aduan pencemaran, Johari Abdul beritahu persatuan

Ahli Parlimen Sungai Petani saran PTAS suarakan kekecewaan kepada Menteri Zuraida Kamaruddin yang mahu buka semula lesen kitar semula.

Meet me to discuss pollution grouses, Sg Petani MP tells pressure...

Johari Abdul also tells group to vent their frustrations to housing minister Zuraida Kamarudin who wants to issue licences to plastic factories.

Will the MP care to meet his anti-sampah constituents?

Residents protesting against pollution have twice been rebuffed, while the executive councillor has not responded.

Canadians go undercover at Sungai Petani plastic recycling plant

Journalists pose as plastic exporters, create fake company to convince recycler.

Waste company’s licence suspended, says dept

Six companies awaiting approval with new conditions to operate only in designated industrial areas.

Sg Petani illegal factories making hay while haze prevails

Group says illegal plastic recycling factories working at full capacity to clear plastic waste at residents’ peril.

Sungai Petani residents protest over worsening air quality

They protest outside factory allegedly causing air pollution.

Man in prison abuse claim died due to heart infection, say...

Bruise marks on body are likely to be from handcuffs and saline drip insertion, says district police chief.

Cops urged to probe death of man allegedly beaten in prison

The family claims 21-year-old drug suspect told them he was assaulted by wardens.

PIBG lodges police report over pollution fears after school covered in...

The smog, which appears to be coming from a nearby factory, has caused breathing difficulties among students, says PIBG chairman Christina Lai.

Kedah cari jalan atasi masalah tempat pelupusan sampah

Menteri besar difahamkan ada individu menyediakan tanah untuk pembuangan sampah dan mengenakan bayaran RM20.

Kedah govt seals off huge illegal dumpsite along Sungai Muda

State government holds an emergency meeting to clean up the illegal dump operating since 2008, found with tonnes of electronic and municipal waste from all over the world.

Sea of waste found on banks of Sungai Muda in Kedah

Group raises concern over health risk as water is treated for consumption in Kedah and Penang.

Lelaki maut dilanggar kereta api di Sungai Petani

K Poobalan dipercayai dilanggar kereta api mengakibatkan anggota badannya terputus kepada 4 bahagian.

Sg Petani not the next Pasir Gudang, say DoE and state...

They say it's unfair to compare the two places as pollution levels in Sungai Petani are between good and moderate.

Sungai Petani residents lodge 10 police reports over air pollution

Members of environmental group say authorities have not heeded their complaints.

30 illegal recycling factories sealed in Sungai Petani, says Kedah govt

Joint operations are being carried out almost every week by the Department of Environment, the Sungai Petani Municipal Council and other agencies, says exco. .

Group links rise in respiratory illnesses with air quality in Sg...

Lydia Ong of PTAS says there has been an increase in patients seeking treatment for respiratory illnesses while a five-year-old girl has been suffering from bronchitis since March.

Group claims ‘very unhealthy’ air quality levels in Kedah town

Persatuan Tindakan Alam Sekitar SP blames illegal recycling factories which it says have been burning plastic waste in their compounds.

Kerajaan Kedah bersihkan tempat buangan sisa plastik, elektronik

Kerajaan negeri akan menubuhkan pasukan petugas bagi mengekang pembuangan haram dan kitar semula haram.