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Syiah ada hak peribadi, tapi jangan cuba sebar ajaran, kata PM

Semalam satu seminar Mesej Amman anjuran Institut Pengajian Islam Lanjutan Antarabangsa dibatalkan kerana menerima ancaman bom di Facebook.

Ahli akademik persoal langkah Jais tidak jemput orang Islam bukan-Sunni buka...

Pihak berkuasa agama di negara ini biasanya menganggap penganut Islam bukan Sunni sebagai sesat atau berada di luar Islam.

Yemeni rebels attack southern Saudi airport with a drone

Saudi authorities say the explosive-laden drone attack a 'vital installation used by civilians.'

Almost all Saudis in mass execution were Shiites

Shiites make up an estimated 10-15% of Saudi Arabia's population.

Iran asks Pakistan to move against attackers, warns Saudi

Revolutionary Guards commander also warns Iran's regional rival Saudi Arabia and the UAE that they could face "retaliatory measures" for supporting militant Sunni groups.

Tauliah still needed to ensure speakers follow Sunni teachings, says mufti

Mohd Tamyes Abd Wahid says the special credentials for religious speakers are still relevant.

Clarity needed between following Shia Islam and propagating it, says minister

Mujahid Yusof Rawa says there’s need for clear guidelines between Shias who follow the sect and those who promote it as the constitution guarantees freedom of religious practice.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah says Hariri must resolve government row

Hezbollah, a heavily armed group backed by Iran, is pressing for one of its allied Sunni members of parliament to be given a cabinet portfolio, reflecting their gains in the election.

2 million Iranian pilgrims head into Iraq for Arbaeen

Arbaeen marks the 40th day after Imam Hussein's martyrdom, with the devout marching on foot for all or part of the way to Karbala.

3 Saudi ‘terrorists’ killed in Shia region

The Shia community is estimated to make up between 10% and 15% of the kingdom's population of 32 million, but the government has released no official statistics.

Bahrain accuses 169 of forming another Hezbollah

Bahrain, a strategic island where the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet is based, has a Shi’ite Muslim majority population but is ruled by a Sunni royal family.

Saudi-led coalition seizes main road linking Yemen’s Hodeidah to Sanaa

The coalition of Sunni Muslim states led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE repeatedly contends that taking control of Hodeidah would force the Iranian-aligned Houthi movement to the negotiating table by cutting off their main supply line.

Kelantan nabs Shia Muslims in Merdeka eve raid

It is the latest in a series of actions against followers of the sect, labelled as 'deviant' by local Islamic authorities.

Suicide attack kills six Sunni fighters in northern Iraq

A militant wearing a suicide vest blew himself up just after midnight at Adnan al-Ganam's house in the village of Asdira, Colonel Khalil al-Sahn, Reuters was told.

Iran diplomat granted entry to Saudi

Sunni powerhouse Saudi Arabia and the predominantly Shiite Iran have for decades stood on opposing sides of Middle East conflicts including the Syrian civil war.

Supra mazhab: Ke arah semua aliran Islam

Model 'supra mazhab' yang mengatasi mazhab atau sekolah pemikiran akan membolehkan kita memahami nilai, sejarah, budaya, pemikiran dan cara hidup yang berbeza antara umat Islam.

Yang mana satu, Islam reformis atau tradisional?

Terdaya atau tidak Mujahid Yusuf Rawa selaku menteri portfolio agama melakukan perubahan ke arah Islam reformis?

Ex-Special Branch man grilled over claim that Shia Muslims ‘dangerous’

Awaluddin Jadid says police view with concern the followers of Shia Islam in Malaysia due to a fatwa labelling it 'deviant'.

Pakistan takes radical Sunni leader off terrorist watchlist ahead of election

Hasan Askari Rizvi, the caretaker chief minister of Punjab province, confirmed the removal of the ban on Ludhianvi and said his assets would be unfrozen and he would be free to travel.

Ahmadi Muslims hoping for major shift in Islamic administration

A spokesman for the community says there is a danger when ulama influenced by Wahhabism call the shots among the religious bureaucrats.

Lawyer Siti Kasim grills Asri over Shia and Sunni

The Perlis mufti also appears to dodge a question when asked if he thinks the leader of IS is a Shia Muslim.

4 killed in suicide attack on Iraq party headquarters

Three members of the security forces were killed and seven people, including candidate Zineb Abdel Hamid al-Hiti, were wounded.

Imam Ali, sebelum jabatan agama

Suatu masa dahulu, di alam Melayu, Saidina Ali yang menjadi tokoh sandaran umat Islam Syiah, dirujuk dengan gelaran Imam.

9 jailed over Bahrain petrol bomb attack

The nine people jailed were charged with throwing Molotov cocktails at police.