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Tag: Supari

Cops differ over record function of council-linked cameras

ASP Supari Muhammad says cameras have no record or playback function, while SAC Fadzil Ahmat says as long as the cameras are working, footage can be recorded.

Police apologise to lawyers over ‘cut and paste’ allegation

Problem arises at Pastor Koh's inquiry over picture from newspaper featuring police officers wearing black balaclava without police insignia.

Supari admits mistake in testimony about ‘faulty’ CCTV cameras

Investigating officer says there was no sign of vehicles used by abductors on CCTV camera footage along the road.

Pastor Koh inquiry: Cop agrees most questions were on Christianisation

Investigating officer says he was not informed of links to a case in a northern state, and only knew about it after IGP's press conference.

Cops: Perkasa may be relevant in pastor’s abduction case

However, the Malay rights pressure group has not been investigated.

Nurul Izzah: Countdown for Anwar’s release starts now

PH leaders, along with 150 supporters, march to Dataran Merdeka to mark the opposition leader’s 1,000 days in prison.

ASP tells Pastor Koh inquiry he did not order questions on...

Investigating officer Supari Mohammad says he did not direct Inspector Ali to ask witnesses about allegations of proselytising but that Ali was instructed to question witnesses on all aspects.

Police officer refuses to produce camera footage at Pastor Koh inquiry

ASP Supari Muhammad tells Suhakam inquiry only footage from one of five CCTV cameras along the route of the abduction of Koh was secured by the police.