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Tag: superhero

Spiderman, swinging through the cancer wards helping sick children smile

Along came a spider, but unusually this is one everybody welcomes.

Unik… Tema animasi ‘Kamen Rider’ menjadi pilihan pasangan pengantin

Pasangan pengantin berani mencuba kelainan dengan tampil busana animasi ‘Kamen Rider’.

‘Captain Marvel’ stars roll out female-led action flick in London

Brie Larson takes the charge in the highly anticipated movie, playing US fighter pilot Carol Danvers as she becomes a powerful superhero.

Marvel maestro Stan Lee joins the Warriors Three in comics Valhalla

Pop culture legend Stan Lee, the man who created the Marvel Universe and popularised comics with others such as Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, is no more, but his creations will live on.

Bodysuits, boots and masks galore as Comic-Con opens in San Diego

Highlights of this year’s Comic-Con include the introduction of the first female Doctor Who, played by British actress Jodie Whittaker, and a reunion for the cast of the US television drama Breaking Bad.

Take heed of Incredibles 2’s social warning

More than just an animated action movie, Incredibles 2 dwells on humankind's over-reliance on modern technology for security, protection and happiness.

Superheroes to the rescue of storm-battered Puerto Rico

Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez's new comic book will feature Batman and Wonder Woman alongside Puerto Rican-inspired superhero La Borinqueña.

‘Black Panther’ clings to lead, nears an all-time record

'Black Panther' clings to box-office lead for the fifth straight weekend, taking in an estimated $27 million in North American theaters while fending off two new films.

‘Black Panther’ is more than just another superhero movie

Various analysts expect the film to do for ethnic diversity what 'Wonder Woman' did for women.

‘Black Panther’ unleashes holiday TV spot

T'Challa prepares to fight for his inheritance -- and the world's future -- in 'Black Panther'