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Tag: superheroes

Captain Marvel, a superhero with girl power to spare

Captain Marvel hits the big screen as she becomes the first female superhero to have her own movie in the Marvel franchise.

DC Comics drops plans over controversial ‘Second Coming’ series

'Second Coming' will not be published by DC Comics after a campaign called the work blasphemous.

Warner Bros superheroes swoop into Comic-Con

Warner Bros closed the final full day of Comic-Con International.

Marvel creates Chinese superheroes to draw Asia fans

The comic giant plans to introduce two new Chinese superheroes: "Sword Master" and "Aero" who will be based in China.

‘Power Rangers’: A superhero movie too far?

Described by Britain's Daily Telegraph as "the most flabbergastingly misconceived reboot of recent years," the movie has an average rating of five out of 10 on online movie reviews collator Rotten Tomatoes.

Shioktoys – here’s to big toys for rich boys

For thousands of ringgit, serious collectors can walk away with their favourite superheroes.